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> Add to Homescreen v3 needs you

icon-152x152It was about time for an Add to Homescreen refresh especially since Chrome is finally the default browser on Android. The script is a complete rewrite full of new features and before going "live" I need your help for beta testing. Read more »

> Build your very own PC keyboard

PQIoFYqI spend too many hours coding and my main interface with the PC is definitely the keyboard. I could probably live with a crappy mouse but never with a mediocre keyboard. This is how I went from standard commercially available keyboards to a completely customized home-made beauty. Read more »

  • Posted on: Mar 29
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> Performance tricks for (mobile) web development

During the many years of iScroll development I had to find all the possible ways to spare CPU cycles and speed optimization has become a mission. In this post I try to sum up the bare minimum for a snappy application. Read more »

  • Posted on: Feb 28
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> iScroll 5

iscroll5iScroll 5 is a faster more mature code than the previous versions. It doesn't add many new features but it fixes bugs and most notably runs smoother on old devices. Please note that previous releases are not maintained nor supported, so go get the new version! Read more »

  • Posted on: Jan 10
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> iScroll, a small moan

It seems there's some misunderstanding about how iScroll works and I feel I failed at explaining it. I hope this post can make things clearer. Read more »

> Open Source made me the man I am

From designing websites for domestic companies to developing high end web applications for the biggest international players, all thanks to open source software. Read more »

  • Posted on: Oct 6
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> FYI, iScroll is out of beta

I know I've been a bit lazy lately with my blog but iScroll updates are coming at a constant pace. Read more »

> CardView

rolodexThis is a little control to browse through a collection of items like they were cards in a deck or in a rolling file device (rolodex). Mostly useful on mobile, but desktop compatibility has been added for ease of debugging. Read more »

> iScroll 5 ready for beta test

After a long development phase iScroll 5 is finally out and is looking for beta testers. This is probably the most important iScroll release yet as it leaves the mobile-only realm to become a universal javascript scroller. Read more »

> Add to Homescreen v2.0.5

Add to Home Screen received some lovin' today. I finally managed to fix some small but nasty bugs. As always true for +0.0.1 versions, you should update asap. Read more »

> InfiniWall

wallInfiniWall is a script for desktop and mobile that lets you pan/scroll a potentially infinite number of elements on screen. It is obsessively optimized for mobile devices that notoriously have troubles handling a large number of tags at the same time (especially images). Read more »

> It’s update Saturday!

Finally I found a couple of hours to fix some bugs for SwipeView and iScroll. If you use either you should update asap. Read more »

> Device orientation augmented UI the CSS way

auiSomeone recently discovered a nice GUI touch in the upcoming iPhone operating system (iOS6), metallic button reflections change as you tilt the device (video on youtube). Can it be done on the browser with just CSS? Of course it can, with a pinch of JS. Read more »

> Project Underpants explained

This weekend my good friend Mark Boas and I released the Underpants Project, a proof of concept aimed to raise awareness over the lack of privacy on the internet. The 1-day-project received quite a few of attention and it's time to give you an insider look on how it works. Read more »

  • Posted on: Apr 24
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> Weird webkit box-shadow bug

Today I finally received my new iPad and to my surprise some CSS intensive applications seemed to run smoother on an iPad 1 than on the new shiny Apple tablet. Read more »