A programmer’s keyboard

Some of you may know that I’m a mechanical keyboard addict by now. Everything started with stingy pain to my left hand caused by the long hours spent programming. Short cuts and modifiers were mostly the culprits. I had no choice but design my own keyboard. The WhiteFox is the result of such effort.

I wanted a small size keyboard but I still needed an arrow cluster. I find the numpad and the function row pretty useless in my daily coding so I wanted to ditch those altogether. The goal was to reduce as much as possible hands and fingers movement and the WhiteFox is the best I could think of without going full ergonomic keyboard.

The backspace is just above enter —as it was always meant to be— and all missing keys (like the function row or media keys) are accessible through the “FN” layer. The best part is that you can easily customize the keyboard any way you want. All keys are re-programmable freely thanks to a tool online; the firmware is actually rewritten so updates resist a disconnect and don’t need any driver.

The best part? We are Kickstarting the WhiteFox right now! You have about 30 days to join and the WhiteFox could be yours too!

1 thought on “A programmer’s keyboard”

  1. Beautiful design.
    I love the feedback and sound of real old-school buttons!
    And the 🦊 :fox: face — brilliant!

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