About me

My name is Matteo Spinelli, I was born in Florence, Italy in 1975. I have an artistic background. My father is a painter and I grew up shrouded by brushes, oil colors and canvases in one of the most artistically snob city in the world. I consequently ended up graduating in Advertising Design and Photography at the Art Institute of Florence. Sounds cool, huh?

My digital life actually began a cold Christmas night of twenty-something years ago when Santa brought me a Sinclair Spectrum 48k. For a couple of years I enjoyed the raw beauty of 8-bit hits like Jetpac and Frogger, but soon after I converted to the power of the x86 platform.

Fascinated by titles like Pool of radiance, Syndicate and Monkey Island I studied C, C++ and assembly (does anyone remember Watcom C?) as my dream at that time was to become a game developer and my idols were the guys from the Future Crew.

The “great turning” happened the day I bought a 2400 baud modem and pretended to be a William Gibson‘s character surfing the cyberspace. The nights spent on FidoNet (the closest thing to cyberspace we had in the early 90s) was just the beginning of what I do for a living nowadays.


My first paid work was probably a multimedia application developed on Macromedia Director (now Adobe Director). I also wrote a dozen tutorials for an italian magazine about Director.

I worked one year for a web agency in Milan and that is my first and last experience as an employee. Since ’98 I am working as a freelance web designer and developer. I spent 10 years developing mostly PHP applications (both internet and intranet). My Photoshop skill allows me to take care of all aspects of clients’ projects: from back end to user interface.

In recent days I totally felt in love with javascript and mobile development and on this blog you find some of my experiments in this field.

What’s Cubiq anyway?

Cubiq is my nick name from the FidoNet times. On cubiq.org you will find some of my knowledge, hopefully you can make some use of it.

I learned Visual C, HTML, javascript, Flash, PHP, mysql, Objective-C, python, Zend Framework, Java and everything I know about computer programming on the web (and almost for free). It’s time to feed my karma and give something back.

Likes and Dislikes

I like cooking, reading a good book or watching (and collecting) a decent movie. I’m crazy for chocolate chip cookies and rice salads. I can’t be considered a sports guy, but I like running. (Un)Fortunately my job is my passion, that brings me to spend too much time in front of the PC. I’m addicted to new technologies and gadgetries. I don’t drink coffee (yes, you read that right), but I compensate with tea. I think that coding is poetry and math pure magic. There’s a bit of misanthropy in me, and I’m rather proud of it. I use Mac and love linux. I live in Florence with a wonderful wife who shares most of my passions.


All content on Cubiq.org by Matteo Spinelli is licensed under a Creative Commons BY-SA License.

All source code is MIT licensed unless stated otherwise.