Add to homescreen goes 3

Add to Homescreen finally adds Mobile Chrome support and a hell lot of new features. The API changed but the outcome is well worth the effort!

Add to homescreen turns 3 and adds some important new features but like all x.0.0 versions it needs your help for testing and debugging!

First of all, it’s finally Mobile Chrome compatible. Technically speaking it would also work on WinPhone but I don’t have a device at hand yet, so I cannot try it. WinPhone is disabled for now, but I plan on adding support for it soon.

Secondly, the message is now resolution independent. Whatever viewport scaling you open a webpage the callout should show up at the right size.

Last but not least, you can track when a user adds the app to the homescreen.

Noooo! We are all gonna die!

ATHv3 adds a onAdd custom event that is triggered the first time you access the app from the homescreen. Neat! Note that this is just a guesstimate (unless you are in a standalone webapp), there are no native events we could hook to, but ATH tries to do its best to give you an educated guess.

I’ve just updated the documentation to the new API and the github repo is ready to be forked. In the coming days I’ll push a landing site for Add to homescreen with more detailed docs and an official WordPress plugin! So stay tuned!

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