> Add to Homescreen v2.0.5

Add to Home Screen received some lovin’ today. I finally managed to fix some small but nasty bugs. As always true for +0.0.1 versions, you should update asap.

The update is a drop-in replacement of the previous version, so you have no excuses, go grab the latest Add to Home Screen!

The updates are:

  • Fixed the touch icon not showing on retina in certain scenarios
  • Fixed the touch icon showing in low res on retina on iPhone
  • Close area is now the full balloon so it’s easier for the user to get rid of the popup, you may also (but shouldn’t) disable the close button
  • Fixed Turkish translation
  • Fixed a tiny-weeny memory leak

The only thing left to fix is the JS error when browsing in private mode. As soon as I find an elegant way to fix it I’ll let you know.

Important updates on iOS6

Please note that Apple introduced the apple-mobile-web-app-title meta attribute in iOS6. This lets you set the name of your web application once added to the homescreen regardless of the page title. Simply add the following to the page HEAD

<meta name="apple-mobile-web-app-title" content="Title to Display">

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    • Author: Ron Waldon
    • Posted on: 2013/01/21
    • At: 03:18

    Awesome sauce!

    Any change you can use git tags and/or GitHub’s “downloads”? It would make versions more definite and managing copies in my CDN just that little bit easier.


    • sorry, what do you mean by GitHub’s download? the project page links to github zipball

    • Author: Ed
    • Posted on: 2013/03/20
    • At: 03:29

    Is there a way to Eliminate the Shine that the iphone adds to the icons?

    I have a snazy black background that gets washed out and make it look ugly

    • Just change apple-touch-icon to apple-touch-icon-precomposed :)

      • Author: Sasha
      • Posted on: 2013/08/24
      • At: 17:00

      Use the ‘-precomposed’ rel is what stops the auto glossy render.

    • Author: Shad
    • Posted on: 2013/07/10
    • At: 23:30

    Is there a way to get the home screen icon to always load the link in the browser of the device as drop down select menus do not work on full screen view without browser in iPhone/iPad and this javascript defaults it to the full screen without browser functionality.

    • Author: jay
    • Posted on: 2013/09/19
    • At: 18:31

    will you be updating this to support ios7?

    for example the add to desktop icon has changed

    keep up the great work! :)


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