• Posted on: Feb 28, 2009
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> Broken camera takes artistic pictures

Today I have something totally off topic for you. I lent my old digital camera to a friend and this is how it takes pictures once it came back to me.

The camera is (was) a Sony DSC-T1 and my friend is not to blame, it wasn’t in good shape before it went in his hands. Plus now it takes very artistic pictures.

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    • Author: Christopher
    • Posted on: 2009/03/01
    • At: 13:52

    Haha that looks awsome :D

    • Author: Luke Dorny
    • Posted on: 2009/03/03
    • At: 22:47

    This is now a one in a million inspiration camera.
    Don’t lose it.

    • Author: Pogo
    • Posted on: 2009/04/14
    • At: 14:44

    Hey! I have the same problem! The same szenario and the same effect. Whats wrong?