FYI, iScroll is out of beta

I know I’ve been a bit lazy lately with my blog but iScroll updates are coming at a constant pace.

Most importantly iScroll is out of the beta stage and it’s ready for prime time. Go grab it on github.

We are already at v5.0.5 and all major issues have been (hopefully) resolved. There are still some glitches on Android that I’m investigating. It seems that some (but not all) Android browsers don’t like translate to 0,0, but you have to send to it at least 0.1,0.1. I have to test how this would impact other devices, then I’ll commit the changes.

Other than that, I totally need to set up a landing page for iScroll and write some documentation. I hope to be able to dedicate some time to it in the coming weeks. In the meantime, look at the demos, there are plenty of them!

27 thoughts on “FYI, iScroll is out of beta”

  1. I’m quite happy with v. 417 but as you tell me ther’s even more.. let’s see it 🙂

  2. Can we enable transitions for mouse-wheel/key-press scrolling? And can we allow the user to scroll by dragging the scrollbars?

  3. Hello! Thank you for your work. But I have a question. How can I select the text inside the iScroll gallery?

    1. I was wondering that too. It’s one of the key features I use in iScroll 4.

  4. Horaay… thanks for your great masterpiece of iScroll 5, but I am still looking for infinite scroll example.. is it done yet..? 😀

  5. Hey, is it possible to define 2 seperate custom scrollbars? i have 2 scrollareas and my problem is, that i need 2 different styles because i need for the first scrollbar a top position of 80px and for the second one 0px. currently i only use the scrollbar with 0px but it looks really crapy… so is there a way to use 2 different scrollbars?

    thanks and good work!

  6. Great work 🙂

    I was just wondering if you were going to change the size of the scrollbar as it hits te bounds (like you did in iscroll4)

    1. i was wondering where this feature went too. I hope it returns. Would make pages feel more native

  7. Hey. I won’t read, think about and fill forms for now, neither create a git account. But I want to contribute to this gread lib.

    I wrote a code that scrolls to element ONLY if it is not visible on the area.

    Maybe just the idea is already a contribution, but if you want the code (within the CLA), just send me a tell.

  8. Hi, on Android devices there is a slight delay in actioning a swipe on first touch. The IScroll catches up after about 10 pixels of finger tip movement. Is this one of the glitches for Android that you refer to? Thanks.

  9. on desktop, what happened to the feature where the scrollbar shrinks when the page goes becomes elastic

  10. Dear Matteo,

    thanks a lot for the new version. After passing some glitches i got it to work as XHTML inside an epub with snap to page. And it works just fine. Actually it will replace the Webapppresentation Framework you made for me some years ago. You are a real master of code.

    Best regards,


  11. Is pinch zoom supported on IE10 (e.g., on Surface RT) or Windows Phone 8? The demo didn’t work on my Surface. I could scroll, but not zoom. If it isn’t directly supported, are there hooks (e.g., a zoom on point function) I could use to add the support?

    Also, is there a good place to look for a description of all of the options? Or should I just look at all of the demo code?

    Thanks for what looks like a great piece of software.

  12. Hi Matteo,
    it seems some essential API calls needed to implement the pull-to-refresh behaviour were pulled from version 5 of iScroll (eg. the minScrollY option). I couldn’t find an example on how to implement pull-to-refresh with the new version of iScroll, am I missing something?


  13. Oh, also, any chance that you’ll ever implement IE10-style snapping? Where it snaps ONLY if there’s a nearby snap point after scrolling? (This is helpful for carousels where each carousel “card” may be wider / taller than the screen. If it has has “hard” snap points, some content will never be visible.)

  14. Does it work with float:left or does it also have problems with that like iScroll 4??

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