Important “Add to Home Screen” updates

Since the beginning the Add to Home Screen script raised some usability concerns. Version 2.0 tries to dissipate these concerns giving the user (and the developer) more control. Where is the limit between a cool feature and an annoying practice? At the end this is just a tool, use it with discretion.

The most important difference from v1 is that now the script supports the native iOS5 CSS-only position:fixed property and gracefully degrades to a javascript version on iOS4. This translates into less stress for your poor little mobile CPU. I love upgrade!

The other updates are all concentrated upon usability/accessibility. First of all, if the user intentionally taps the close button the message is not shown again until the end of the session. No matter what options you set up, even if you configured the message to show up every time, the user is king and won’t see the balloon until he closes and reopens the browser (sessionStorage).

The second important update is the returningVisitor option. If you set it to true the balloon shows itself to returning visitors only. The first time a user accesses your site the message is not displayed. If the user comes back within a 28 days timeframe, the message is finally presented.

When I end up on a new site I just want to look around and there is a very small chance that I will really come back to that site again. But if I come back a second time there’s a good chance that I’ll return a third and a forth.

In the examples folder you’ll also find a demo that shows how to prevent the message from popping up once the app has been added to the homescreen and you can’t use the apple-mobile-web-app-capable.

Enough blabbing, go get the new script.

2 thoughts on “Important “Add to Home Screen” updates”

  1. Fantastic, thanks for the update. Love your work and happy we could feature it in iPhone and iPad Web Design for Dummies.

  2. First of great script.
    There seems to be a unicode problem. All the foreign chars is broken. Swedish looks like this in the script:
    sv_se: ‘Lägg till denna webbapplikation pÃ¥ din %device: tryck pÃ¥ %icon och därefter Lägg till pÃ¥ hemskärmen.’,

    This is the case in your demo too.

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