iScroll 3.3 beta 2

Android is a bad beast but we’ll tame it. My quest to get full Android compatibility continues and this time we are getting pretty close to it. Once again I need beta testers!

It turned out that Android doesn’t fire the orientationchange event. Fortunately we can rely on the resize event which works on both iPhone and Android and it is fired once the device is rotated. As a bonus resize seems more reliable, so I’m using it for both platforms.

iScroll 3.3 beta 2 adds also an improved scrollbars management. The scrollbars do not need to be styled anymore, if no default class is given, iScroll cares about giving a pretty face to them. If you prefere to use a custom style you can pass the scrollbarClass parameter. The scrollbars will be assigned the given string as class name.

To help people get started with the script I baked an archive where you’ll find a couple of demos you may find useful alongside with a minified version of iScroll. You find it in the dist directory, remember to use iscroll-min.js on your production site.

As always, I need beta testers. Don’t be shy and give your feedback. Now head to the iScroll project page.

4 thoughts on “iScroll 3.3 beta 2”

  1. Fantastico, sei il più grande blogger italiano (peccato che tu scriva in inglese, ma non è importante) webdesigner e developer. È difficile trovare un bravo webdesigner che è anche un bravo developer.
    Comunque sto iniziando a creare la split view in stile iPad con anche il popover quando è in modalità portrait, ed iScroll mi sarà molto utile.

  2. Nice work. Best scroll functioinality i’ve seen so far. Keep up the good work.

    A couple quick questions.

    1. I had to set the { momentum : false } for this work scroll on an ipod i was testing with ( v2.2.1 ) – for me a minor thing, as I works fine on Iphone.

    2. In my implementation I have < a > tags in the content that scrolls. most of the time these seem to fire, but sometimes that seems to stop firing, most noticibale on my android droid. Could be that my click targets are too small so maybe i’m missing, but just wondered if you seen that issue at all.

    Lastly, what is the purpose of the
    document.addEventListener(‘touchmove’, function(e){ e.preventDefault(); }); in the loading functionality? Just wondering why that isn’t in your touchmove function for the specific element rather then form the document?

    Again, Awesome work.


    1. 1. iScroll was born on v2.x so I’m sure it can be fixed, but unfortunately I have no way to test over that OS version anymore. If someone wants to sponsor OS < 3.0 development, please consider donating an old device for testing. 2. Android is bit sensitive about "taps". I have to add a threshold of a couple of pixels when checking if user tapped, I'm doing some tests about this and should be fixed once v3.3 exits beta.

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