> iScroll gets Android 1.5 compatibility

You asked for it and now you have it. v3.3 (beta 1) is my first attempt to port iScroll to Android 1.5. It seems to work, but no hardware acceleration. Is it really worth the effort?

Basically all you have to do to get Android 1.5 and 1.6 compatibility is to use translate(x,y) instead of translate3d(x,y,z). In fact iScroll v3.3 checks if your phone supports 3d functionality and use the best option it finds.

The problem here is that translate(x,y) seems not to activate the hardware acceleration, so do not expect blazing fast scrolling. To reduce lagginess to the minimum, iScroll disables all the eye candies and wisely preserves resources. Momentum, bouncing, and scrollbar fade in/out are all disabled but at least you can scroll.

We are now back in beta. I need the help of all the (un)lucky owners of an Android 1.5/1.6 and receive some feedback. My question is: should we really target version < 1.6? If scrolling performs so badly shouldn't we just pass over? If you don't care about Android, fear not: version 3.3 adds some new features and improves overall stability for you too. So go get the new version.

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  • Great news !
    Il will test the demo on my Samsung Galaxy and give feedback.

    • Author: Jason W
    • Posted on: 2010/06/06
    • At: 14:05

    It appears as though Android 1.5 still has a fairly large market share, so I can see some use in getting it to work under that version. Here’s the URL for reference:


    • Author: jPrecise
    • Posted on: 2010/06/08
    • At: 03:22

    why not just translateY(y) ?

    • iScroll is a 360* scroller. Is translateY HW accelerated? I’ll check it out, but I doubt it.

    • Author: Kieran
    • Posted on: 2010/06/15
    • At: 15:02

    Hi Matteo,

    Thanks for this project, great work.

    Android >= 1.5 is well worth it. There are still a lot out there and on my phone it works a treat. In my office we have 2 Android 2.1s, 1 Android 1.6 and 3 Android 1.5s.

    • Author: murali
    • Posted on: 2011/06/28
    • At: 15:40

    I am using iscroll for the content div and it works fine for android and blackberry
    But however now i face a issue in the page, where there is textinput and textared. The fields are disabled and not able to edit the input textfields

    Any work arounds for this.