iScroll Google Group officially opened

After more than 800 questions, requests and suggestions sent for iScroll I finally decided to open a discussion group so that it will be easier to browse and search through the messages.

Admittedly the WordPress comment system was unsuitable to host the amount of requests sent for the iScroll. So, please welcome the official iScroll Google Group. I don’t know if it will receive any kind of response, but hopefully it will help to prevent duplicated questions and solve common problems.

In the next few days I will try to post to the group the solution to the most frequently asked questions.

5 thoughts on “iScroll Google Group officially opened”

  1. This is great! Works awesome! I’m knew at this and really have very little js knowledge, but have been toying around with the code to see if I could get it to place a fixed footer navigation, while allowing you to still zoom.

    One thing right away i notice is that when I placed the code on one of my test samples, it still allowed zooming which was great. I also ran into the issue when refreshing the page the Nav would show up on the top of the page but would not refresh to where mobile safari takes you back. So if you refreshed at the middle of the page, when safari takes you back to the middle after the refresh the navigation sticks up top. No biggy but been running into this with a few other Position:fixed solutions, probably has something to do with a need for a delayed refresh of some sorts.

    So onto the main question I really have: You are using offsetTop and offsetLeft to get the coordinates of the window to apply to the “header”, if I wanted to apply this to the footer, would it make sense to get the offsetHeight also (i’m not sure width matters) then do something like this?

    y coordinate – (height px’s – navigation height px’s)

    and then keep the x value the same as you are to get horizontal positioning.

    I’m not a coder but I’d really like to know if this is the right thought process, or if I’m thinking of this the wrong way.

    Any help would be appreciated, I’m still trying to exactly figure out what is going on in the js file.

  2. iScroll is fantastic. I am a very new developer and have only picked up Javascript (and PHP) the past two or three weeks. I have used the iScroll to make an online video editor for the iPhone where you can drag the film strip. I have no funds at the moment (hoping my website will be a success!) but as soon as we get some profits I will be making a donation, thank you.

    You can see the iScroll film strip editor on an iPhone / iPod Touch just by emailing a short video clip to the address shown on our website.

    It is all a bit basic at the moment because I only just started learning web development but I hope to improve it soon.

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