iScroll spring cleanings (aka v3.2)

Don’t you hate your own code 3 weeks later? I do. I finally tidied up iScroll code and managed to remove some insidious bugs. Please welcome version 3.2: smaller, faster, smarter.

This is probably the most important update I did to iScroll so far. The script is shaping up from a proof of concept to a stable product.

Among the various changes:

  • Code clean up, removed useless or redundant portions of code.
  • iScroll is now inside its own namespace to prevent collision with your code.
  • Reduced lag on DOM change.
  • Refresh on DOM change is now optional.
  • Added the bounce option to prevent the scroll to bounce when the user swipes outside of the boundaries.
  • Code shrank to 7.9kb minified.
  • Baked a fancier demo page.

I’d like to thank once again all those that sent me suggestions, bug reports and corrections. I’ve been also informed that iScroll is used by Nike on their iPad site. Please, let me know whenever you see the iScroll going mainstream :). It would be nice to have a list of site/apps using this script.

Go get the updates on the iScroll project page.

3 thoughts on “iScroll spring cleanings (aka v3.2)”

  1. Thanks! Has anyone reported any issues with integrating iScroll with jQTouch?

  2. On the demo page’s description meta tag you have “The following demo works only on iPhone and iPod Touch +2.x”. You could also put Safari 4.0.5 on a Mac!

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