It’s update Saturday!

Finally I found a couple of hours to fix some bugs for SwipeView and iScroll. If you use either you should update asap.

The most important updates come for SwipeView. The script has been compatible with webkit only for too long. I took the time to expand its compatibility to modern browsers.

I released the script essentially to circumvent memory issues with the mobile browser (android/iphone) that is not able to load a large number of images without crashing. Anyway I hate to have webkit-only code around so an update was well due.

iScroll got some lovin this Saturday, too. Fixed few minor bugs, one regarding Opera. Curiously Opera 12 changed the name of the transition end event from oTransitionEnd to otransitionend. I’m desperately longing for a vendor-free, 100% standard web, in the meanwhile go-go patch and hack.

I –once more– want to thank all who send comments and pull requests on GitHub. It might take some time but I read all your reports!

5 thoughts on “It’s update Saturday!”

  1. Hello there,

    I am using iScroll from long time and i m loving it.

    But its having few issues with android when we have FORMS + iScroll.

    Its having double text boxes when we try to scroll when focus is on the textbox.

    Also when there is field type is Password its having lot of issues.

    If you can look into that then it will be good.


  2. Hi, I love iScroll4 but I can’t find how to set an “autoscroll” function.
    How can I add this?

    Best Regards from Chile…

  3. Any idea when iScroll will be updated to work with pointer events on IE10?

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