Retro Radio PC mod

When I saw a retro radio on eBay the first thing I thought was to make a PC case mod out of it. It has been a nice jump into the past, when in the 90s I was enjoying building my own PCs.

Don’t ask me why I put myself into this project, maybe a mid-30 crisis, but I’m a software guy and sometimes it’s nice to dirty your hands with hardware.

The hardware components I managed to stick into the small radio are:

  • Intel DH57JG mobo
  • CPU Intel i3-530
  • 4GB Corsair DDR3 ram
  • 1TB WD Caviar Green HDD
  • Panasonic slot-in DVD reader/burner
  • 300W compact power supply ( FSP300-60GLN)

The radio was slightly smaller than advertised, so I couldn’t mount the motherboard horizontally on the radio base but I had to place it vertically on the inside part of the front panel.

I had to build an extension cord for almost all the PC ports (USB, video, lan, etc…) and I had to make a hole for each of them in the rear panel (I worn out at least 10 Dremel cutting wheels). The DVI has been a real pain, I think I had to sold at least 30 tiny cables to make a 20cm long extension.

I needed about a week in the spare time to finish the Retro Radio PC Mod and I think I won’t do again anything like that for a looooong time. It was fun, though. Total system power consumption: 30w idle, 40/45w avg, 65w max.

Here follows the photo gallery.

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  1. Totally great mod, that’s what I had in mind for my project too, I am still looking for the “case” though, as my last trip to the markets did not bring many results….

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