Slide-in menu exits alpha

The Slide-in menu exits alpha stage, gets Android compatibility and it’s finally ready for production.

I finally bought myself an Android based HTC Desire smartphone and now I strive to have all my scripts compatible with the Google OS. First of all let me say something obvious but important: working on the emulator doesn’t give you the slightest idea of how your script will actually behave on the real device.

That said, I updated the Slide-in menu widget and added Android compatibility. It turned out that it’s almost impossible to make a tap on Android without having a 2-3 pixels shift in one direction. When you tap on iPhone the JS doesn’t get any difference in X/Y position, Android is a bit more sensitive and even a quick tap may generate a small movement. (And this issue didn’t come out on the emulator).

This practically means that if you need to check both finger movements and taps you have to make your checks with at least 3 pixels threshold. This is true for the HTC Desire. It’s possible that other devices have a less responsive touchscreen, but you have to take into consideration all possible scenarios and adding a threshold to the tap is really a small effort.

Enough blabbing. Go get the new script.