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> Add To Homescreen 3.1.0

This latest release is all about Android fragmentation. Read more »

> Add to Homescreen: the WordPress plugin

Developing WordPress plugins is all you hate about PHP! All my respect to WP plugin developers because coding clean, functional, secure add-ons for that platform is a real pain! Anyway, if you want the latest Add to Homescreen updates on your WordPress site, the official plugin is finally landed! Read more »

> Add to homescreen goes 3

Add to Homescreen finally adds Mobile Chrome support and a hell lot of new features. The API changed but the outcome is well worth the effort! Read more »

> Add to Homescreen v3 needs you

icon-152x152It was about time for an Add to Homescreen refresh especially since Chrome is finally the default browser on Android. The script is a complete rewrite full of new features and before going "live" I need your help for beta testing. Read more »

> iScroll, a small moan

It seems there's some misunderstanding about how iScroll works and I feel I failed at explaining it. I hope this post can make things clearer. Read more »

> FYI, iScroll is out of beta

I know I've been a bit lazy lately with my blog but iScroll updates are coming at a constant pace. Read more »

> iScroll 5 ready for beta test

After a long development phase iScroll 5 is finally out and is looking for beta testers. This is probably the most important iScroll release yet as it leaves the mobile-only realm to become a universal javascript scroller. Read more »

> Add to Homescreen v2.0.5

Add to Home Screen received some lovin' today. I finally managed to fix some small but nasty bugs. As always true for +0.0.1 versions, you should update asap. Read more »

> It’s update Saturday!

Finally I found a couple of hours to fix some bugs for SwipeView and iScroll. If you use either you should update asap. Read more »

> Important “Add to Home Screen” updates

Since the beginning the Add to Home Screen script raised some usability concerns. Version 2.0 tries to dissipate these concerns giving the user (and the developer) more control. Where is the limit between a cool feature and an annoying practice? At the end this is just a tool, use it with discretion. Read more »

> iScroll v4.1.3 introduces performance mode

Some users reported lower responsiveness in v4.1. Since iScroll is all about speed I introduced an "uber performance mode" that you can activate on compatible devices to get the smoothest scroll experience ever. Read more »

> RequestAnimationFrame powered iScroll v4.1

Everyone's excited about iOS5 native position:fixed support, but as I explain in a recent post javascript scrollviews are far from retirement. So with renewed enthusiasm here I introduce you to iScroll v4.1. Read more »

> iScroll 4.0 seeks beta testers

It has been a troubled pregnancy, but iScroll 4 is finally ready for beta testing. Here is a quick overview on the main new features of this stellar new release. Read more »

> iScroll may soon change name

You can say that your open source project got some kind of success only when you receive a "cease and desist" notice from a corporate from Nebraska. Read more »

> iScroll Google Group officially opened

After more than 800 questions, requests and suggestions sent for iScroll I finally decided to open a discussion group so that it will be easier to browse and search through the messages. Read more »