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> Dynamic pure CSS 3D Text

3dtextUsing text-shadow to obtain a pseudo 3D effect is a nice technique but the 3D effect is limited to just one direction. I was wondering if we could get a better effect by adding a pinch of CSS transforms. Read more »

> Autopsy of a site redesign

newlogoThe good part of having a personal blog is that you can play and experiment with it. I've finally abandoned the XHTML madness and embraced HTML5, I explored the canvas element (you can see it in the logo) and finally added tablet and smartphone compatibility thanks to media queries. Read more for backstage access. Read more »

> Playing with CSS3 gradients

no images were harmedI'm surprised to see that many mobile web apps still use images for buttons. If you target the Android or iPhone web browser, CSS3 gradients are an extremely powerful resource, not only to make buttons. I spent a couple of hours playing with gradients and masks and here I present you a page stuffed with examples in all their text-only beauty. Read more »

> Create fixed size thumbnails with ImageMagick

ImageMagickImageMagick is powerful suite of applications to create, edit, convert and compose bitmap (and some vector) images from the terminal. It's an essential tool for any web designer if you can get your head around it. Read more »