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> Clean up and optimize WordPress for your next theme

WordPress developed into a general purpose content management system; as such it tends to add more code than you actually need. In this post I'm trying to get rid of most of the ballast to obtain a clean and fast scaffolding to build your next theme on. Read more »

> Front-end user registration and login in WordPress

1411589568_LoginMost of the information I've found on front end login in Wordpress seems outdated, incomplete or just plain wrong. This is an overview on (hopefully) all you need to do to bypass the Wordpress backend for regular users. Read more »

  • Posted on: Sep 24
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> Performance tricks for (mobile) web development

During the many years of iScroll development I had to find all the possible ways to spare CPU cycles and speed optimization has become a mission. In this post I try to sum up the bare minimum for a snappy application. Read more »

  • Posted on: Feb 28
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> iScroll 5

iscroll5iScroll 5 is a faster more mature code than the previous versions. It doesn't add many new features but it fixes bugs and most notably runs smoother on old devices. Please note that previous releases are not maintained nor supported, so go get the new version! Read more »

  • Posted on: Jan 10
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> InfiniWall

wallInfiniWall is a script for desktop and mobile that lets you pan/scroll a potentially infinite number of elements on screen. It is obsessively optimized for mobile devices that notoriously have troubles handling a large number of tags at the same time (especially images). Read more »

> Hexagame, the making of an HTML5 game

hexagameI was disappointed by canvas performance on mobile devices but CSS animations seemed good enough even for CPU intensive applications. I wanted to find out if I could build a video game out of pure HTML5 and CSS so I started working on Hexagame. Read more »

  • Posted on: Mar 9
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> Text only dot matrix LCD animation

wolfThe other day I saw one of those dot matrix LCD animations you can easily spot on pinballs. Being an incurable nostalgic I wanted to replicate that retro effect using javascript, the first impulse was to go canvas but I soon after converted to a text-only version. Read more »

  • Posted on: Aug 12
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> Building a pure CSS 3D City

css 3d buildingI was recently experimenting with CSS 3D transforms. Is it possible to build a 3D city with just CSS? Yesterday I've posted on twitter about a quick CSS 3D demo, here comes the follow up blog post. Read more »

  • Posted on: Apr 16
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> The perfect PHP clean url generator

In my hunt for the perfect clean url (smart url, slug, permalink, whatever) generator I've always slipped in some exception or bug that made the function a piece of junk. But I recently found an easy solution I hope I could call "definitive". Read more »

  • Posted on: Mar 21
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