The best (and the worst) email clients for Windows

This is not my usual post, but I wanted to share the result of my research (and frustration) regarding email desktop clients for Windows. I found a depressing lack of innovation and one software even transmitted personal data over unencrypted connection.

UPDATE! Please head to my updated list of email clients for Windows. This post is now obsolete and kept just for the records.


I’m normally a Linux user, as a developer I believe that is the best platform. I have good text editors/IDEs, native server tools (apache, node, php, etc) and a no-compromise terminal. The Mac doesn’t add enough benefit to justify the expense. Of course I also have a MacBook, but when I’m at home my main rig is Linux.

For a recent work I had to build myself a dedicated Windows machine. It was since 2008 that I didn’t use a Windows computer on a daily basis so I had to spend quite some time to find what’s new in the Windows software landscape.

At the same time I decided to finally get rid of gmail. It will be a slow process, but the first step is to change client. I handle most of my emails through gmail’s web interface. It’s a fantastic application and it spoiled me to the point that leaving it has become almost impossible.

So here starts my hunt for the perfect desktop mail client. It seems that all efforts nowadays are spent on mobile. Is the desktop email client dead? Am I just a retro-junkie, a dinosaur that will have to adapt or extinguish?

MailBirdBeware, it phones Home!

UPDATE 2015-03-17

Few days ago Mailbird v2 has been released.

First of all let me say that it’s kinda sad that your privacy is always the last thing companies care about. It’s never granted, you have to fight for it!

I’m happy to see that they finally encrypted the data! It is not clear what data they send to themselves, but I’m pretty sure they are still collecting your email address, name and user session (so they can track your habits). They also collect usage statistics to “improve user experience”.

The security issue about Mailbird is so lowered to DEFCON 3, but still the fact that there’s no way to opt-out and that they do not make it clearer what data they are collecting bothers me. UPDATE: After all the noise Mailbird finally made clear what data they are collecting.

If it wasn’t for this post nobody would know what Mailbird was collecting and probably your data would still be sent over a clear connection. Honestly a company so desperate about my data and so secretive about what they are collecting is not worth my trust.

The review below refers to v1.8.


mailbirdLet’s start from the new kid from the block. MailBird look and feel comes from the now defunct Sparrow. Google acquired the little Mac and iPhone app few years ago and basically killed the project.

Email changed and MailBird (and Sparrow before it) tries to change the client with it. I see it as a porting to the desktop of the gmail web interface, which is actually a good thing.

That being said, with all the security concerns raised this year, MailBird phones home and shares your data over unencrypted connections.

As soon as you open the client at least 3 connections are established to:

  •, this is used for statistics. MailBird analyses how you interact with it, which functions you use the most, etcetera. It is an anonymous report that helps the developers concentrate their efforts on certain features instead of others. There’s nothing wrong with it BUT there’s no way to opt-out.
  •, this is the payment gateway, I don’t understand why they have to check the application pricing every time you open the application. Anyway, nothing terribly bad about it.
  •, here comes the security leak. A connection to this domain is established on a standard unencrypted port 80 with the following information: 1) user session, 2) user email, 3) user name.

So they send themselves your name and email, without asking for permission of course. They do that so blatantly that they don’t even care to encrypt the data. Indeed soon after the installation you receive the first spam email from the MailBird team, alas you are kindly subscribed to their mailing list (you can unsubscribe of course).

I was pretty shocked so I contacted MailBird support and they put me in contact with their CTO. From the few emails we exchanged I had the feeling that there’s no malice in MailBird behaviour, just maybe a bit of naivety. To be clear, they confirmed all the above connections.

This is what he says (quoted unaltered).

The account name and email to my understanding based on our research is not considered confidential data according to the law in this case, which is why it’s not sent encrypted. Your password is never sent to us or any confidential data.

When I objected that my name and email address are indeed confidential and that I have no way to stop MailBird to phone home, he replies:

That’s a good point. I didn’t mean it to sound like we’re not willing to add it [an encrypted connection], I just meant that we didn’t feel like it was required at the time we decided this, since the email isn’t typically considered confidential data as I’m aware. And that we hadn’t really seen any requests for this.

I’m sorry but I can’t take seriously an email client that doesn’t value or prioritize the security of my email.

You should be aware that, if you use MailBird from a public network your email and name can be easily spoofed (by just opening the application, you don’t even need to check for email).

I can’t recommend to install MailBird and if you already did, you should remove it.

Apart from that, is it a good client?

It’s a fine and refreshing email client but it still lacks some important features such as an unified inbox if you need to manage more than one email address (who doesn’t?). Anyway, it could be the best client on the planet, until they don’t let you decide what information is sent back to them, the software should be avoided.

The version I tried is 1.8, I’ll be happy to change my opinion about MailBird if they solve the aforementioned issues. Version 2.0 finally encrypts data, but there’s still no way to opt-out and they do not publicize what data they send to themselves.

My vote is 2.5/5.

The Bat!

thebatThe Bat! is an incredibly light and sophisticated email client. In my tests Task Manager never exceeded the 15MB mark with an average of just 8-11MB of ram constantly used. Of all, this is the lightest client I tried.

Ritlabs (makers of The Bat!) stresses on security. The client supports PGP, S/MIME, CrypoAPI, SSLv3, TSL, ASLR, DEP and a bunch more of fancy security acronyms. It uses an internal address book and an internal HTML viewer, both designed to avoid virus attacks to known Windows and Internet Explorer vulnerabilities.

The Bat! is a solid and elaborated application, but all this power comes to a cost: it is quite complicated and tedious to configure.

None of the email accounts I tried have been configured automatically, not even the usual suspects (hotmail and gmail). You have to manually configure everything, including telling which IMAP folder is trash, which is inbox, etc. The emails in the junk folder are left as unread and you have to set up a filter/rule if you don’t want to be notified of new spam.

The interface also needs quite some time to be personalized and some options are hard to find or not trivial to use. To rearrange the columns in the email list for example you can’t simply drag and drop them; you have to go in the preferences, change the column arrangement (without preview), click apply, see if the end result suits you and repeat until you are satisfied. Long and tedious process.

If you need to heavily customize the interface and you have many email address, the initial setup might take quite some time.

What it completely lacks is any kind of spam filter. I know that it should be installed on the server level or maybe the anti-virus already has it, but an email client without spam filter seems hard to believe.

The Bat! has a plug-in system that lets you connect to external spam filters and I believe AntispamSniper is the suggested one, but that brings the cost of the whole lot to €40/$47 for the client + €17/$19 for the anti-spam.

Apart from that The Bat! is an email client like it was in the late 90s. It can be a good or a bad point to you, but email evolved and I find this lack of innovation quite annoying.

That being said Ritlabs’ software is probably the best client I tried so far. If you value lightness and security, The Bat! is definitely for you but it’s a far from perfect email reader.

My vote is 3.6/5.

Windows Live Mail

Windows Live Mail –formerly Outlook Express– is not part of your standard Windows installation any more but it comes with the Windows Essentials tools.

You have to download a unified setup program and selectively install Windows Live Mail from the advanced options, otherwise you end up with Photo Gallery, Movie Maker and God knows what other crap.

The software itself is not bad. It obviously connects very well to Microsoft services, but Gmail and Yahoo work as well (like any other IMAP/POP3 account). It’s pretty light and snappy, with an average of 40mb of ram constantly used.

The interface is modern and the level of customization is higher than you’d expect from a free software. The automatic configuration worked very well out of the box and I hadn’t to manually fine tune anything.

If you have few email addresses to manage, WLM is a fine casual email client.

My vote is 2.9/5.

eM Client

em-client-mail-3eM is the right mid-way between Windows Live Mail and Outlook (both in price and functionality). It’s not the lightest of the software, but still reasonable (around 50-60mb of ram).

They tried to design a modern UI, but it’s rough around the edges. It’s clear that they wanted to be up to date with modern interface paradigms but they are not there yet (it’s very hard actually to find a nicely designed software on Windows).

eM is the only client other than Microsoft ones that connected to outlook/hotmail accounts through the AirSync protocol instead of standard IMAP. This should grant a better integration and synchronization with other Microsoft products and devices.

This was also the source of some difficulties as well, though.

I configured a hotmail account and the junk folder was clearly filled with spam. For some reason the images in those emails were displayed instead of blocked, so I opened a support ticket. Within few minutes they not only replied but also offered to connect via TeamViewer to my PC to try to understand what was going on. I set up a test PC and let them play with it on remote desktop.

We couldn’t understand why this was happening, anyway, if you ever happen to slip into a problem you surely won’t feel left behind. Support is top notch.

I installed Windows Live Mail (which operates on AirSync) and the images in the junk were shown there as well, so it’s probably an issue with the AirSync protocol and not eM client itself. So, eM is working correctly but please keep reading, the story is not over.

Inside the spam there was a virus (Virus:VBS/Ramnit.B). I believe it’s something activated with VBScript. eM Client executed it and Windows Defender blocked it. As soon as I opened eM client again the email database was corrupted and I had no way to repair it. I had to delete the db and start from scratch.

With WLM I hadn’t this issue, the images in the junk were displayed but apparently the virus was not loaded/activated (I triple checked my PC).

Maybe I was just unlucky. I reinstalled eM, cleared all whitelists both locally and on, reconfigured the hotmail account and… boom… again! Same virus, database corrupted.

I’m pretty sure mine is an edge case, the client seems solid enough. It supports calendars, contacts and even chat, but for me the constant threat of a corrupted database is too much to bear 🙂

To get things worst at version 6.x they still don’t support threaded/conversation view, it seems they are promising it for years and the preview of version 7 seems very sweet, but it’s not there yet.

If you have to use outlook/exchange emails, my suggestion is to make some tests with a disposable address before going full throttle. If it works for you and you can live without conversation view, eM is a fine piece of software.

While The Bat! is the best hacker’s tool, eM is probably the best business/corporate tool… if you don’t want to go Outlook.

My vote is 3.4/5.


This review won’t be long. It is clear that Mozilla doesn’t believe in Thunderbird any more and to my understanding they won’t make substantial updates but only bug fixes (since 2012).

If the software worked that wouldn’t be a problem. Unfortunately Thunderbird is a conceptually old application which still lacks the most basic functionalities (such as PGP). There are plug-ins that let you do virtually anything (eg: EnigMail), but the software feels slow and buggy. Integration with gmail is sub-optimal and it still suffers of memory leaks.

That being said, it’s probably the best client for casual use. The one you’d suggest to you uncle.

My vote is 3.2/5.

Unfortunately there are not many other alternatives. Mailpile seems very interesting, I even backed the project on Indiegogo, but after a year of development they are still in beta with a v1.0 which lacks quite some important features.

Opera a couple of years ago removed the mail app from the browser and released a stand alone client called Opera Mail, but it’s clearly not at the top of their priorities. The client is polished but lacks many options and hasn’t received any update in 18 months.

If you really live in the past and love that retro look there’s Sylpheed or Claws Mail (that I believe are based upon the same engine). They are both open source and incredibly still under development. They run on GTK so possibly not the most optimized environment for Windows, but they are nice little pieces of software. Just not my cup of tea.

Lastly Postbox. It is a client built over the Thunderbird engine, with even the same plugin system (but TB plugins don’t work out of the box and need to be updated). The interface is more polished and they added some missing features, but the core is the same and you can feel it. The client seems still developed but no important updates have been added recently. Honestly, if you had to use Postbox, you better install Thunderbird with some plug-ins.

Did I miss something? Let me know in the comments below!

320 thoughts on “The best (and the worst) email clients for Windows”

      1. I am using and really liking Em Client…no complaints at all as a replacement for MS stuff…

        BUT…I am really bothered by how deftly though obviously the company who either owns or developed and owns EM client hides who they are and where they are located.

        Even on their Facebook page, in the “About the company” section, they are invisible.

        How come??

    1. I tried Inky. No-go for me.

      Inbox2 has no updates in 3 years.

      I have to check Foxmail but I read it has privacy/security issues (similar to MailBird)

      1. Same here. Inky felt like I was using a browser. The interface feels like a webapp for some reason and not a native application.

      2. foxmail trying to change UAC settings on installation.its a chinese spyware

        1. The Z1 email client seems to be for businesses. How may we find a single (private) user desktop client?

  1. You mention you’re primarily a Linux user. Out of curiosity, what mail client do you prefer to use on Linux?

    Thanks for writing up your comments on these Windows clients, too!

    1. unfortunately the situation on linux is not much better. Thunderbird, Evolution, KMail are probably the best bet. Geary is promising but still not there.

      1. Came across Nylas N1 for linux, free if you can build it from scratch. Haven’t tried it yet, but looks promising in my opinion!!

  2. I’ve heard about “The Bat” first time and I think I should give it a try. will let you know my experience with it, currently I’m managing my emails with INKY and it’s also good.

    1. Except INKY stores the email’s master password at their local servers.
      Why they would do that baffles me, but I don’t trust a company that says “you have nothing to worry, our word is more than enough and we promisse not to tamper with your file, besides it’s encrypted, so we can’t do nothing with it”.

      Except…NOT. You can!

      Next please…

  3. I loved Thunderbird until getting a new computer with Windows 8. Not it freezes constantly, so I’m looking for a new email client. This post was very thorough and informative – thank you so much for writing it. I have to say that it leaves me feeling pretty disheartened about my next best solution though. 🙁

    1. yeah but well… everybody knows Outlook 🙂 and honestly I don’t believe 1) it is needed by the not-corporate-user 2) worth the price.

  4. I use Postbox. A pay Thunderbird fork with–finally–a clear vertical mode view with two-line message window.

    1. I got it briefly covered in the article. If you really want you can do basically everything postbox does with thunderbird and some plugins.

  5. The best of all do not search more
    «old» Foxmail 7.0.93
    No one email client do more than this one
    And I BOUGHT (or tried) ALL
    EM, Everdesk, The Bat, Postbox, Outlook, Thunderbird

  6. This is a GREAT post. Thanks. I’m in the same boat – longtime TB user but as someone else mentioned, with my new Win8 system it crashes and hangs all the time. I went thru MailBird which has a slick UI but now that I read your above post I am removing it from my computer (prolly too late but oh well). I have used/tried just about everything above and I always keep coming back to Thunderbird. Ugh! Foxmail looks promising, would you mind giving that one a thorough security check? Thanks so much for all your hard work!

  7. I use The Bat! the last 12 years. It has a powerful filter making it easy to find message 8 years ago, it’s extremely light and focus on security as already mentioned. My first bad feeling came from Ritlabs when I decided to use it for my company and asked for a price for 4-5 different laptops plus a tablet and cell phones. Well, firsty I asked for too much, secondly their service to an excisting client was pretty bad! I chose Thunderbird for my business, after all, we make a light use of it and it was for free and easier to customize. My people are happy with it. As mentioned already, I only have problem in the latest laptop that runs Windows 8…
    The oldest laptop (since 2006) still runs The Bat! the version of 2006!!! I was really happy with it until I had to make some changes on the headers. You see Ritlabs comes from the Balkans and it is set to support Balkan characters but not Greek. The previous efforts to communicate with the company was so terrible that today I’m looking to find another email client and finish with The Bat!

    So, I will not be happy to stop using The Bat! it was a really nice email client. If it had more support and better after sales service I would stay loyal without looking around. I don’t need a fancy/modern email client, I need something light, fast and secure.

    1. I have been using TheBat! since 2003, and am very satisfied. There is now a 64-bit version, which is great. I am a very satisfied user, and the amount of support RitLabs has given me via both the forum and email has been terrific and prompt.

  8. Twice now Thunderbird has erased all my emails. The email account in question is my work email so needless to say I cannot work like this. The techs at my host company couldn’t recover my emails the first time (it’s email addy for a personal domain) so now I have no faith that they will be able to happen this time. (This literally just happened ten minutes ago — which is why I uninstalled Thunderbird and am on the hunt for a new client.)

    I used to have EM Client but the spam issue is what made me leave them and switch to Thunderbird (I love Moxilla). Didn’t realize they were no longer actively improving their product. After reading your article I installed The Bat! and the program froze while trying to create my first folder. Now I don’t hold out much faith for it…

    Thought about PostBox but decided against it after reading this article. But you left one out that I am curious about, especially as I have several email address from different domains I run: EmailTray. Know anything about it?

  9. I am so happy to find this site. I felt when I was reading, it
    is about the truth not the crap. 🙂 So, I was thinking I share my problem/feeling here too. (I am stop looking a good email client as there isn’t one.)
    I was Windows user of course from the win 95 but the last 6-7 years I chose Apple. I had no time to “spend my life with windows and its craps”. There was a time when Apple was good (I mean, Steve!) But in this year, after 1 year using my Macbook has failed. Regarding its price level, I wasn’t happy with this. (Next week probably they fix it for free, but that doesn’t change my disappointment. ) Also things changed around me so I needed to buy a much cheaper HP – what is not as much bad as it price range compare with macbook pro.

    Apple mail was really great for me. Of course I am not “programmer or IT guy” so I don’t know about the security issues etc. (I use NODE in interactive mode and try to filter what is going out and come in.)

    What was important me, and I cannot find this option in any of them (except eM Client), the contact sync! With picture, with all the stored data, not just the basic data but additional data like IM, address, notes anything. There is no email client that would be great. Just great. If I could programming I would do one! 😀
    Or get a team to lead them and create something huge… something that people would like! True is Mailbird is close to it… but if they leave the crap out like Facebook etc, and concentrate more the most important things LIKE contact sync! but a good one, than I would chose them I am sure. It is a great looking app, I would like to use but without contact sync with iCloud I am not happy. eM Client is to complex and I like simple things that just works. I am just simple not get that why the developers doesn’t let the users to choose what option they want to see or use with a simple switch off or on option??? Someone like complexity someone may not. Someone need or like one or more option from a software/app but doesn’t like most of them. Example: the looking or the face of the software/app.
    I would like to mix them up em Client contact sync option (and reminders) with Mailbird to get the best. Good looking, easy to set up, useful features. This is what we would get after if we blend them 🙂 However Mailbird is promising the google contact sync for more then a year!!! Actually 1.5? So why would I pay them to buy something that maybe I never get but I need it for yesterday?
    eM Client technically almost good – but I found problems with it already. Of coruse it is sync issues with iCloud. 🙁 Maybe it was temporary maybe not. However it does not satisfied me. 🙁 Also eM surface is far away from Mailbird.

    I used The Bat from the very beginning I guess, till I get my first Mac. It was great! I love their mentality to make it super safe! However they do not follow the year. The website is rubbish – I am not a designer but it is. The software still looking the same. (they could add different surface through the years and let the user to choose… what they wanna use! Don’t they?)
    They are same expensive than eM Client however.

    I have used and tested lots of client and of course they are about sending and receiving email, but nowadays they must be capable to do more. Like simple contact sync. To be honest, I couldn’t find a good looking and smart email client. It is missing from the market. That’s the true.

    I think I need to choose – not because I like it – eM Client as it is capable to handle contact sync what is important who’s using multiple devices.

    …and the question: Who doesn’t use more than one device? 🙂

  10. Another note. DO NOT USE INKY MAIL. Half of the emails I send are 1) not showing in my sent folder, despite recipients receiving them; 2) only being received by half of the recipients and not the other half.

    Inky Mail has not responded to any of my support emails either or tweets — which now number close to 100 because countless other people have joined in the conversation. Any company that does not respond to this many tweets when this many people are talking/complaining about them clearly does not care about their product or their customers.

  11. UPDATE: EmailTray will not let you remove their link from your signature unless you pay an annual fee. DELETED.

    And the others? EM CLIENT lets compromising spam in; THE BAT! froze every time I tried to open it; THUNDERBIRD twice deleted my entire inbox while I was on the other side of the room, not even anywhere near touching my keyboard; INKY MAIL has more bugs in it than this shitty $2 I once stayed at in Nicaragua and their customer support is nonexistent (via email and VIA Twitter, even with dozens of my followers joining in the convo and 100s of tweets).

    Unfortunately since Matteo no longer appears to be responding to comments here, despite approving them, I want to say thanks for the post but shame on you for not responding to your readers.

    1. Hi Derek, thanks for your comments. I read them all. Unfortunately my conclusion is that we don’t have a definitive email client. Email evolved on the mobile but stagnated on desktop. I’d like to start developing my own client, but I’d need some help and lots of spare time 🙂

      1. I would be one of those people who are willing to pay for a perfect email client.

        (heck, I even bought Outlook 2013 due to client requests, but I hate it and would love to switch to a better alternative.)

        1. I hate Outlook in any edition. I had Windows Mail when I was using Vista. I loved it. Was very user-friendly. Not a ton of bells and whistles. Yes, that was my kind of email. However no one supports Vista, not even the designer. Hmm…. So out went Vista along with my best buddy Windows Mail. I fail to understand why it is no longer available. And I can’t find anything even remotely comparable to it.

  12. Greetings Matteo,

    At the risk of generating groans (even howls), many liked (and miss) Outlook Express, which ended with XP.

    Have you every come across a client named OE Classic, essentially an updated version of Outlook Express (

    Also, there is someone who offers what looks to be a re-coded OE for Windows 7-10 — (and even a portable version —, for free.

    Your input would be most welcome.

    Thanks in advance!



    1. thanks for your suggestion, I’ll definitely give OE Classic a shot. I tried foxmail in the meantime, but it’s clearly an email client targeted to the Chinese market.

    2. Looking at the OEClassic website there seems no IMAP support at present, which I believe will make synchronisation between devices impossible.

      1. Hello Alan,

        If you haven’t already seen it, Rodney O McCarthy posted his initial impression of the recently updated “Run As XP” version of Outlook Express 6 for Win 7, 8 & 10 (below, on 2015/04/19). Perhaps it might be worth a look… (I’m hoping to give it try myself within the next few weeks).



  13. Hello,

    Interesting review. I’m also at the point of reviewing e-mail clients because TB even with its updates cannot manage LDAP. Even in bugzilla to-date, those fools have been trying to wrap their head around LDAP for 10 years and the latest post was Feb 2015 (still questioning ….ah how do we implement LDAP …).

    I go through the same steps when evaluating software and honestly agree with your review 100%. Unfortunately, the only alternative give and take is UniversalVillage, but it doesn’t compete with TB chat, low or incompetent support and has no internal web browsing, but it is a collab suite (per se) for desktops. The mobile integration does function.

    UV is great for what it is and probably great for organizations with “fixed” layouts, but I don’t see UV ….evolving.


    — MMS

  14. Does anyone have an email app that will run on Windows 8.1 and sync with MS Exchange 2003?

  15. Every so often I want to leave gmail too, and then run into articles like this. I have been the greatest fan of Operamail for a long time, it has faster search features than gmail, especially when it comes to finding attachments and date ranges. Of course I liked its clean look, I had a lot of filters in it (still do). But true: no more updates in the past 2 years. I regret Opera didn’t make it. I do want to have a download (offline) client, so every so often I run Tbird or Mail on my Macbook. But once I decide to use them, I spend hours on font issues and ultimately settle on gmail again. Best spam filters and best overall performance, still… I am waiting for an email client that integrates note taking with a thread. Google is missing a chance, I would be a paying client.

    1. Agreed. Opera Mail was awesome. Filters (long before gmail existed), smart address book, fast searches, mouse gestures, and really solid. Too bad they stopped development, I’m in the difficult spot of having to find an alternate application… Gmail would be almost perfect, if it weren’t for the Google part.


      Just had a thought: I wonder if Opera would consider going to a paid model for Opera Mail? I’d pay for it.

    2. I also want to leave gmail, but use instead clien. Years ago I used Eudora. On that time it was been best one. Easy to use but later begun troubles. I am windows 8 user so any advice what client to use is very welcome.

      Thank you.

  16. My workplace has been a longtime Outlook user, and I’ve tried it at home along with just about all of the clients in your review. I’ve settled for a while now on eM Client, not so much for the email, but because its built-in calendar syncs pretty smoothly with my Google calendar (and then on to my Android calendar).

    Thanks for your review.

  17. There are a handful other email clients out there. You may want try the foxmail, which now has both versions on mac and windows. Not as snappy as mac mail, but you get things done, in a relatively pleased feeling.

    1. I had a quick look at it, but it doesn’t support imap on standard providers like gmail or outlook. I’ll add it to the list, but the review can’t be utterly positive.

  18. Thanks for publishing this. It’s useful but depressing information.

    I used The Bat for 12 years, from 2003 until a few weeks ago. Despite its klunky and convoluted interface, I liked its power and flexibility. However I did not like paying for upgrades that never offered any real improvement, and I stopped using them completely after they closed my support account with them apparently for continuing to ask why I couldn’t correctly import my address book after upgrading to the current version. Apparently RItLabs’ way of dealing with difficult questions is to close a customer’s support account.

    I switched to Thunderbird two weeks ago, but after losing a business email this week, I’m uncomfortable with continuing to use it. I hate to say it, but I’m not seeing alternatives that are any better than The Bat.

  19. To update my comments yesterday about The Bat. Apparently my account with The Bat’s support was not closed. I don’t know what the problem was, but I am now able to log on. The last time I tried two weeks ago, I tried resetting my password for several days and never received anything. Today it worked.

    I’ve been using Portable Thunderbird for several weeks. I don’t know whether the problems I’ve encountered are Thunderbird or specifically the portable version. If I can solve the address book problem with The Bat, I may go back to it. It seems like the only good portable solution, and in twelve years of using it for business, it never lost an email like Portable Thunderbird did this week. It’s just not user friendly or intuitive to use.

  20. A few weeks ago I had had it with Thunderbird bad performance and calendar support and started this exact search. Tried most of these and settled on emClient, which had been working fine until this week. Now it’s suddenly locking up, taking several minutes to open an email or save an attachment, reporting lots of connection errors, etc. So I started searching again and came across this post.

    I just tried MailBird — although less than ideal, the privacy issues aren’t a deal-breaker for me — but couldn’t get it to install in Windows 8.1.

    Seems like Outlook, as much as I absolutely hate it, maybe the only reliable choice!

    I know everybody says “email is dead” but if they do, they’re idiots. Why can’t we have even one all-around-good mail client!?

    1. Thank you very much for the review. I am searching for a good email client and settled for emClient last year. I am running windows8 and upgraded to 8.1 now. Ever since emClient is installed, my PC slows up substantially and take long time to boot up. The emClient always drop connection. There is a feature in emClient to detect smtp connection error and fix it. However, the connection will drop again in no time. I have resorted to gmail again and am still looking for another email client. I will prefer to use pop3 connection over imap. Hence, I am really interested to hear your review of OEClassic on the pop3 side of it. Thanks a lot for your review, Matteo

  21. I’ve been using T-bird for years, but lately both it and Firefox don’t respond well to scrolling with the mouse wheel and it just drives me crazy.

    I switched to Cyberfox, which works fine, and faster. Still looking for an email client I can like, if one actually exists. Thanks for all the info.

  22. Hi Matteo

    Thanks for your review. Indeed, to find the prefect email client is almost impossible. Everything depends on the priorities and what features are most important for a particular user and task. After trying probably every email client, including the ones you reviewed, I finally selected Everdesk, which is not mentioned in your review. May be because it is not purely an email client as it has also file management features. I am a Google Apps user and for me and our company the following were the key issues, which we found only in Everdesk besides other things which all email clients have:
    – combination of file manager and email client. All the documents, emails and attachments related to the same project are stored in the same single folder;
    – emails are stored as separate eml files – no risk to lose everything because of corrypted database file (hate Outlook for lost pst files!);
    – supports gmail labels and stars;
    – supports Google Drive, but no Dropbox unfortunately (when I contacted developers they told me that they are already implementing support for Dropbox, OneDrive, The Box etc.);
    – no need to save attachments – they are all there as soon as the message is received. Fantastic improvement! And I can preview them all without opening a Word or Excel!
    – supports several calendars and address books, which can be synced and shared independently with various gmail accounts;
    – PGP support executed beatifully;
    – QuickBoard tabs with direct access to the most used files, folders etc. – a real time-saver!
    – previewing and deleting emails from the POP server without downloading them;
    – I love the easily customized interface, especially the folder tree sections – you only see what you need at the particular moment;
    – multilanguage support and skinning – least important but nice to have 🙂

    We had some troubles in setting up the application initially, but the guys from support helped us in no time through Team Viewer.

    I have mentioned a number of drawbacks to the support and I was told that the new releases will have them fixed – will see… But the good thing is that the aplication is actively developed and the support is always there which is important for me.

    There are still various things which are missing in Everdesk to be my perfect email client, but at the moment the advantages and the support made this app a winner for me.


    1. thanks for your comment, I tried Everdesk, I don’t know if it’s because of Windows 8, but the application is sluggish and distressingly slow. It took something like 10 minutes to download 1MB of attachment from hotmail. Also it seems to lack the most basic options such as image blocking.

  23. I like Mailbird, but the phone home worries me. But if you block the home address in your hosts file or firewall, then it’s all good no?

    1. yes, the best would be to redirect those calls to localhost in your hosts file. But that’s not the problem. It shows a very bad attitude of the company regarding privacy and security. I do not trust them.

      1. I use Mailbird with 10 different Email Accounts and i have to say apart from the homecalling stuff it works great and it has a unified inbox. I like it so much i payed for it.

        Before i tested alot of tools but non was very good. What i really dont like, they dont have an iphone app. I dont undestand why no one has a good all in one solution for multi Email users and multiple devices. 🙁

  24. I tried few clients here. And now I’m with Windows Live Mail, to my own surprise… I used to see before that free MS software as extremely slimmed down. It has everything I need.
    And it is totally different from Outlook.

    1. I also liked Live Mail right up until the photo handler, Skydrive, stopped working and I can no longer send a photo. Hard reboot, lose the email, and you’re good to start over. Fun stuff, huh?

  25. Thank you for this review and for pointing out the deficiencies in the various programs. Points that I am unable to ascertain.

    I use The Bat have come to it when Pocomail died. It is a tricky program to learn but is powerful. From my point of view, apart from the security, it is straightforward to construct a business template that replicates the paper version. I keep this on a POP connection checking regularly.

    I see that some have difficulty with T Bat, but there is a very help group at
    Usually get a quick reply and they keep on till the problem is sorted.

    I also use EmClient for business on IMAP. Mainly for the VCAL appointments I get sent. Haven’t yet worked out how to construct a template similar to T Bat.

  26. Has anyone checked Mailbird v2 to see if the same “phone home” characteristic exists?

    1. Yes, I did. I was planning to update the review.

      Now they are sending the information via encrypted connection, but there’s still no way to opt-out. They get both your email address and usage statistics.

      1. If they are sending from Mailbird as a https connection to Google, how are they seeing your emails? Wouldn’t this be a MITM attack similar to the recent Superfish thing with Lenovo?

        1. Data has been encrypted ONLY from v2.0. Meaning one week ago after like 3 years of unencrypted data sent all over the web. If it weren’t for me nagging MailBird about it, probably they would still sending your email address in clear.

    1. I have to say one thing about this thread regarding Mailbird: I’ve never seen Microsoft or Mozilla jump into a third-party thread to make comments about feedback on their products!! I get that these guys are small in comparison, but it is reassuring to me that a vendor is out actively participating in the world where their software is used. I use an older version of Microsoft Outlook because the newer versions seem to add and change features with no logic. (I have participated in UI development on other products, so I cannot comprehend what kind of folks they are choosing for UI feedback.)

      1. I agree their PR is great and I appreciate their entrepreneurship. The problem is that their product is mostly smoke in the eyes.

  27. Hello Matteo,

    For what it may be worth, Mailbird had another update on 2015.03.21, to v.

    Again, many thanks for your on-going efforts!



  28. Well, that explains a lot, why my webroot antivirus always tries to block Mailbird. Wish I had dug more deeply into the “why” of that last summer when I tried Mailbird out. Seems the antivirus was pointing me to the unencrypted connections all along.

    Last week was the upgrade to v2.06 and webroot has totally locked the Mailbird email client. Trying to work this out. With no better e-mail options available, at least Mailbird is offering encryption moving forward.

    Thanks for your insightful post.

  29. Thanks Matteo. A great effort, and I especially like that fact that it is a live “work in progress” thread.
    After years of putting up with the flawed Outlook architecture of one great big pst file – and the lack of native MS tools to actually repair it properly, I decided to move.
    I set up Thunderbird, assuming that after all the years it’s been around that it would be a) robust b) full featured.
    Sigh…… wrong!
    What’s got me looking to move again is that TB does not have any way of properly alerting/highlighting when I receive email from specific senders. I just cannot believe that any evolved email client cannot do that, in a day and age when 100-150 emails a day is pretty normal.
    Do you know if Em has something like that? I don’t care if it warns me by id’ing the sender or by a filtered email going into a specified folder.

      1. Thanks Matteo – I do get that about filters and I already have them set up. What I would like is for a filter to alert me with a pop-up (or some meaningful warning) when a specific filter gets triggered.
        eg. I am happy for all my newsletters/family emails/whatever to get filtered into their folders unattended – but if I get (for example) an email from my accountant, I’d like to know about it with a popup that I have to acknowledge.
        In a nutshell, I’m looking for a filter to be able to also optionally trigger an action (pop up a windows, run a command, etc)

        1. Oh I see! That would be actually a very nice feature! 🙂 I’m not aware of any client that can do that (I wouldn’t be surprised if kmail for KDE/linux could do that actually)

      2. I’m using the Bat! 6.0 and it seems that The Bat! has this feature. In Preferences/Message List/Mail Ticker there is a button Folders. From there it is possible to select which folders activate Mail Ticker.

  30. Can you suggest an email client which stores email messages in individual files e.g. Windows live mail 2012 edition stores each email individually in the .eml format? I have around 30 GB of email and I want to download it using IMAP. Thunderbird stores emails in .mbox format and multiples emails (even thousands of emails ) are stored in box file.

      1. I found out that Opera mail also stores emails in individual files, but it is no longer being actively developed . Also Zimbra Desktop does the same – but it is Java based and slow/sluggish and not being actively updated.Windows Live mail 2012 and Mail in Windows 8 are crippled applications e.g. don’t have email filters. Other options like Sylpheed, Claws mail,Iscribe are not made by big companies so uncertain future (?). So is there no REAL GOOD email cliewnt for windows which stores mail individually?

  31. Hi Matteo,

    From the reviews you wrote, I know you are a technical person and care a lot about privacy and security.

    Mind asking what AV you use in your Windows OS?

    Thank You !


  32. Just curious if you tried Pegasus Mail ( I’ve been using it for 20 years and have been quite happy, but recently struggling with some glitches and hence trying out other software. Some key points which I have found quite useful:
    – can colour individual mail and change Subject and From fields, as this has helped me manage my affairs mostly from my inbox alone
    – great filtering, with complex scripts for autoresponses and so forth
    – very light

  33. Hi,

    To contribute to this article, well… I hate our era. As most of the people now use Gmail or any webmail, get a GOOD classical mail client is impossible. Most of them are not frequently updated, if not abandonned while they still have bugs…

    I actually use Inscribe, who is an lightweight portable mail client, pratically unknown (I don’t remember how I found it in 2007) :

    The free version is limited to one mail account only, but the paid version isn’t really expensive (10$, but each major release (1.x to 2.x) costs 5$ to upgrade). Unfortunately, it is a decent software but far from good : it is fast, small, has a plugin for GPG, but it don’t support Linux OS anymore (I wonder if WINE would work ?) and I have some problems when using aliases (some works fine, some refuses for no reason and I don’t manage to solve that). Maybe updating would be a solution as I still use a 1.x version, but I try to find something better if possible…

    …but as we are in the era of webmails, I guess I should try to find a webmail engine a few like Mailpile… I hate our era.

  34. Argh; I too am having trouble with Mozilla Thunderbird running within Win 8.1. Works fine in Ubuntu 12.04 though. In Windows my attachments do not download and many times embedded content does not download so you can’t view the message. What good is an email client that doesn’t deliver the message? Must be Win 8.1 and Defender saving me from hell, NOT.

  35. Very informative and useful blog/review. I have tried every program listed here and have some thoughts to add, though they may not be very helpful.

    I used Netscape and IE for email in the mid 1990’s, then switched to TheBat! sometime in the late 90’s. I was fine with that until 2013 when I tried every email client from Eudora to more recent offerings.

    I settled on eMClient and have used it for two years. I was easy, very customizable for a big monitor and worked well. A couple months ago it started flaking out a bit and would only download mail when shut down and restarted. Before this I was very happy with eMClient. I had bought a lifetime license. I’m still working with their support, which is very quick to respond and help.

    Again, I went the rounds to see what was available and ended up using Inky. This is a really innovative and fun to use program. It irritated me in that it sounded as if I would get 50 GB free storage on A-drive (I had never heard of this cloud storage service) but it turned out I had to pay for an additional 50 GB to get the 50 GB free. Oh well, I just skipped the cloud storage.

    I was very happy with Inky and really liked the layout and features until I tried to send an email with an attachment. No go. As far as I can tell the only way to send an attachment other than an inline photo is to upload it to A-drive and send a link for download. I can’t agree with this method and am sorry that Inky has this deficit because I liked it so much otherwise.

    I just want simple, old time email with an interface I can adjust to work on a large screen monitor (32″). TheBat! would work but it is a bit fiddly to get it set up and is fairly expensive in the world of email clients. One thing the bad had over any other program is the mail templates — inserts recipient’s name, and spots the cursor at the correct starting point for typing.

    I guess what I want is eMClient to work or Inky to send attachments. Maybe eMClient will get the problem resolved for me. Maybe I’ll figure out a workaround for Inky because I really like it otherwise.

    1. thanks for your feedback. It seems everyone switched to webmail (especially in the US I must say) and social apps (facebook/whatsapp/etc). the interest around mail clients is very little nowadays and I don’t see a real investment in this field. To that add that working with mail servers is a real MESS and the recipe for a disaster is served.

  36. Hello,

    Same conclusion here. No good ones.

    Chaos Intellect used to be just perfect.
    After version 4, it started to becoem heavy, buggy and unintuitive behaviour.Pity as they were top, integrated with agenda, contacts…

    I then switched to EM Client.
    Tricky to configure at first, then fine. Good customer support.
    So, very happy at the beginning, but now that I have 1 1/2 years of mail in store, it is becoming increasingly slow and heavy.
    Searches are virtually imposible as they take minutes to achieve.
    Also spam filtering is clunky.

    My conclusion for now:
    Webmails for the accounts that have them.
    EM Client for the other accounts, with limited volumes…

  37. Thank you for this email client overview and rating. I noticed people got enough of Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail etc
    But I have seen some article weeks ago. They analyzing future of communication and one of the steps is that client should not exist any more.
    It mean we all will be on gmail, hotmail, whatever subscription. I am not satisfied with it because old days on Netscape mail Eudora or for woman Increadimail begun nostalgy. What client are you recommending for windows users Matheo?

  38. So I just couldn’t leave you guys hanging. I had to respond, because I have good news.

    I have had the same frustrations, and agreed with all the posts above.

    Then I found this email client that was actually mentioned above, and during version one I couldn’t get it to work…BUT NOW…

    All that has changed, version 2 works beautifully.

    I paid 10. bucks to help the author out.

    Set it up as imap, and man oh man. It works great!

    Here is the link, and I hope this brings you as much joy as it has brought to me.

    1. Hello ROM,

      Thank you for your post!

      I, too, had tried version 1 with no success (it seemed to install, but then would not connect to any of my accounts), and have been watching for feedback from someone who had given version 2 a whirl.

      Now it appears time to make a donation to the cause and install version 2.0 (one question I still have is whether the coders at Run As XP have migrated their OE from SSL to TLS…).

      If it’s not an inconvenience, could you please post updates to your experience with this OE, for others will no doubt be interested (and it may be a few weeks before I have an opportunity to actually try it out – but will keep an eye on this thread in the meantime).

      Again, many thanks!



  39. First, THANK YOU for this thread. I have the same challenge with web-based systems, and was about to try TB until gmail listed it as less secure. I found you post and it has provided a wealth of information.

    That said, I was curious if you had looked at Pegasus, as another poster had mentioned. I used it years ago, and was quite fond of it. I moved to Eudora, which was the best I ever had, until that went EOL.

    I will take a look at Run As XP and post my experience here.

  40. Thanks for the reviews and info. I have been a user of Claws for a number of years now, also being a hater of HTML and a bit of a text based communications purist. Okay, I’m stuck in the past but I’ll stay here kicking and screaming if I have to. Been very happy with it’s security, customizability and, the one that actually sold me back when, it’s use of eml files for storage instead of damn proprietary databases with no user tools when the inevitable happened. Well, the inevitable has again happened and my old IDE controller has died (I did mention I don’t like change right?) Luckily, the drive is fine but I’ll be damned if I can find my emails anywhere. Not even on my backups can I find them. Oh well, the point of this was to put my 2 cents toward Claws. It sold me with the easy encryption, speed, customizability, numerous accounts, and mostly emails not kept hostage by a proprietary client.

    1. thanks for reporting your experience, Mark! I also hate proprietary and closed systems. That’s why at the end I installed linux and I’m enjoying KMail that is way better than any other windows email clients.

    2. Be aware, claws mail sends a plain text version of your encrypted emails to the imap server, then deletes it.
      (As we all know in these times of state sponsored invasion of privacy, deleting emails from the server is not really deleting anything and therefore defeats the purpose of using encryption.) This has been reported several times on the claws mail bug tracker over the past few years, most recently by the Tails developers who have been including Claws Mail in Tails releases. The Claws Mail developers response has been uncooperative to say the least, their only comment to advise a workaround which consists of directing claws mail to your own machine.
      Obviously most Claws Mail users would be unaware of conversation threads on the Claws Mail bug tracker and therefore remain oblivious to this security breach.

  41. Seems like in the latest Mailbird version you can opt out sharing performance and usage data. Under Settings -> Advanced.

    1. It was about time. I haven’t checked yet, but I don’t like the way the company handled the situation, so I’m not going to use the client anyway. Basically they didn’t give a damn until my post reached the top of google search results. They ultimately did the right thing, so I guess it’s okay…

      1. Yeah, it’s a shame they needed a push (a hard one) to realize it. But good for their future users to have an option.

        Personally I’m waiting for eM Client 7.

      2. Oh, and thanks for informing users about this. I know a lot of people who ditched it after reading this article.

  42. Thanks again for your analysis. I’ve tried eM Client, Mailbird v2, Postbox and now Windows Live Mail. Lack of a conversation mode made me reject eM Client. Although they’ve come a long way on the privacy side, Mailbird had slow performance on a high-end PC, and it would create many many version in drafts for one of my accounts (private email account hosted by Although the problem is primarily on the server side, not all clients auto save as much as Mailbird so I’d always end up with 5 – 20 drafts for each email I was composing and they wouldn’t all auto delete after sending. Surprisingly, Winodws Live Mail seems to be good enough for my needs and hasn’t shown any unruly behavior yet.

  43. Thanks to the heads-up from Rodney McCarthy, I’ve now installed the Run As XP OE6 in my Win7 Pro laptop, imported the Accounts, Address Book and copies of all the folders (with their contents) from the OE of the old XP dinosaur and am delighted to report that it works just fine (not to mention a whole lot faster). Version 2 is definitely recommended.

    1. Alas, my success with Run As XP OE6 was short-lived. The laptop HDD it was installed on (Seagate hybrid drive with <350 hr.), abruptly failed completely. After receiving a new drive from HP (under warranty), recreating the original Win 7 factory image using the HP DVDs and finally reinstalling R.A. XP OE6, I discovered two things: first, the original license was not accepted (OE6 responded that the license was already in use on another computer); second, though I could receive mail from my two (formerly Hotmail) accounts, I could not send mail through either. So, I contacted the folks at Run As XP, who replied that I had to configure the application according to settings shown in a couple of screen shots they provided. However, it already was; the identical settings have been (and are currently being) used successfully with OE6 running on an XP machine (with both computers connecting to the Internet through the same wireless router). As for the license issue, their response was, "As for your first issue we can not provide you a new key. The reason that we give 3 keys in every donation is for problems like yours. If you need more 3 keys we will be happy
      if you make another donation," which is rather odd, considering that the three keys came with the following notation: "Thank you for your donation, as thank you we give you 3 installation keys for installing Outlook Express (version 2). Each key can be used only on 1 computer and up to 10 installations (per computer)." In their last reply, they said that it was a server issue, not one involving their OE, and that "we will talk with the technical support to see again your problem and get back to you soon." That was on 18 May. In the meantime, I've tried another clean re-installation of Win 7, along with Run As XP OE6 (requiring my last license), but the same problem persists. I may try contacting them one more time, but am now considering simply installing XP in Oracle's Virtual Box and run Outlook Express on the Win 7 machine from there. Pity.

  44. I’m not quite as techy as most of you guys, but understand most of what you are saying. Have a question, though. I’ve just got a new laptop; was previously using Windows Mail on Vista, and am undecided as to which of Mailbird or Windows Live Mail to chose for my desktop email. Internet connection SO slow, can’t be doing with online client! Question: are either of these going to be available on Windows 10? Can’t find an answer! Many thanks.

  45. I realize this is an old article, but I wanted to mention Eudora.

    Yes, that Eudora, the e-mail client that was once almost standard issue with any new ISP sign up package. It is still used, still works, and while no longer sold it can be found on the web along with registration codes that Qualcomm posted for general use when they discontinued sales of version 7.x

    Eudora also works on almost any version of Windows, certainly any, I believe, from Windows 2000 and up, and there is still a MAC version available on the same basis as the Windows one, mentioned above.


    1. Eudora was absolutely wonderful, and I still use it both at home and work. Nothing comes close to its user-friendliness and email search functions. However, I’m starting to have problems with base-64 HTML-formatted messages, and UTF-8 encoding, despite installing the UTF plugin. Do you have any solution?

    2. I’m running Eudora 7.1. Yes, some formatting problems with newer stuff, but I can go to my Webmail and deal with those few messages. I’ve seen nothing to compare. Qualcomm, if your developers are still alive and accessible, you’ve got a winner if you just bring it into the current decade.

    3. I too am still using Eudora and have been resisting upgrading from WINXP to WIN7PRO because I don’t want to give up Eudora. I am a genealogist and DNA genealogy researcher and use Eudora to store all of my communications records with my contacts and matches…Hundreds and thousands of them in various folders. Oh PLEASE Qualcomm!
      Anyway, I am encouraged by the others here who seem to be running Eudora in WIN7. Maybe there IS hope after all.
      Any tips would be greatly appreciated.

      1. You should not have any problems running Eudora on Windows 7. Or, for that matter, Windows Vista, or 8.x. I have even seen early reports that it still runs just fine under Windows 10. Thus far, there does not seem to be any Windows operating system compatibility issue that would require a move away from Eudora (Mac users may have a different experience.)

      2. I have been using Eudora on Windows 7 Professional for two years with no problems.

    4. I, too, have been a long time Eudora user (since mid-90s) and love it but am worried about how long I can stay with it.(Will it work in Windows 10, for instance?) Plus it’s gotten really, really slow at things like deleting emails. It has trouble with some characters.
      So my question is which email client I should switch to? Need to be able to import my many folders and emails. Need to access multiple (at least 3) email addresses (“personalities” in Eudora) into one inbox. Would like the ability to preview emails before opening them. Do all email clients have the ability to file emails into custom folders?
      Am looking at The Bat, Emclient, Opera, TrulyMail and others. Thunderbird had sounded pretty good, but I don’t want to go with another app that is discontinued. Suggestions and reviews gladly accepted!

      1. Regarding your comment that “… it’s gotten really, really slow at things like deleting emails…,” this sounds more like a general system issue rather than anything specific to Eudora. Within Eudora, however, you might try compacting your mailboxes, if you have not done so recently. Otherwise, have you tried de-fragmenting your hard disk?

    5. I have been using Eudora since its inception and currently running v7.1.0.9 on Win7Pro with no problems. I am supporting a friend’s Eudora 7 on Windows 8.1 and the only problem is that clicking a URL in the message body does not work. Has anyone found a fix for this? This problem is the only reason I am looking into a different email client.

      1. I’ve been using Eudora since forever and I am now in panic mode because Bell Sympatico will not work with it this week. No help from their support. There may be a problem with certificates, that sometimes pops up, and then it says certificate was trusted but connection timed out. In other words, it didn’t connect. According to the third tech I spoke to, I should be using ports 995 for incoming, which seems to be what I have in Eurdora, and port 25 for sending. That one I cannot find anywhere in Eudora, so cannot tell if that is the setting.
        As to some comments above, it seems little bits of Eudora are flaking off. I’m losing the accents on French words.

      2. I tried Eudora and when inporting Outlook Express I kept getting virus notifications and shutdown. I just uninstalled it and am still looking.

    6. Can you tell me what those registration codes are or where to find them? The only one I could find online just plain didn’t work.

      I’m using Eudora okay with Windows 8.1 but the autocomplete function no longer works. I didn’t really keep an address book, but relied on autocomplete to fill in email addresses.

      1. Found them!
        From Eudora, you click on Help, then Payment & Registration. Then you click on Register (or, it may say Update Your Registration). Then you enter the following in the appropriate fields:

        First name: Paid_Mode_No_Support
        Last name: Without_X1_Search
        Registration code: 4352-4846-7641-3881

      1. I’m still using Eudora There is nothing, absolutely nothing out there that touches Eudora for ease of use and features. Yes, I have to set things up manually, but that’s really not a big deal. And did I mention I’m using it on Windows 10? You just have to install it in the C:\ folder instead of Program Files. Why that works, I don’t know, but it does. I wish someone would pick it up and continue support on it. It’s a great email client.

  46. What a great summary of available email clients. The internet is great but I always end up spending half my life trying to figure the right question to google to find what I’m looking for. But today I got lucky and found this. 🙂

    I’m so freakin frustrated with Live Mail. I moved our families emails to a NAS. Live Mail works with it if you do a windows MKLINK /D to the MS Mail Store directory. But if you try checking your email and there is any problem with the lan connection, even for a second, Live Mail wipes out the database and makes all your emails unavailable with no way to recover. The emails are still there but there index (aka mailStore) is wiped. I backup everyday but still it’s so frustrating I’m totally giving up on Live Mail unless I can’t find anything else suitable. Right now I’m trying em client, but haven’t used it enough to comment one way or the other. I’m a little worried that em client stores all the emails in a sqlite database, but we’ll see how it goes.

    Anyways great prose. If your ever need any help code slinging let me know and I’ll see if I can help.

    Best Regards

    1. This is how I fix the problem of Windows Live Mail losing the contents of MessageStore (you’ll know it when you start up and everything is gone and looks like a fresh install).

      Essential: Make a backup at least twice daily. I use Macrium and under Restore you can set a selected backup as a virtual drive (in my case H:).

      (a) Delete ALL the FILES (not directories) in “C:\Users\{put your login name here}\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows Live Mail\”. Or if you’re worried, you can move them elsewhere. Make sure there is no SQM file.

      (b) Restore from backup the files (not directories) in this location (in my case, I copy files from H:same path as above to C:).

      (c) If in the Windows Live Mail directory the subdirectory structure “Backup\new\” does not exist, create it.
      Place these 2 files from the restore into the “Backup\new\” subdirectory:

      Notes: Mail.MSMessageStore should be above 500 MB in size (if you have many eml files in many directories); if small it’s the default empty messagestore and the recover upon startup will be bogus. If still a fail, delete (or move elsewhere) everything including directories in “C:\Users\{login name}\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows Live Mail\”, do a complete restore AND make sure to do (c).

  47. hello,
    veyr nice article, and true to most points.
    howeverm the only point which i disagree with is the spam filter … why is it hard to imagine, in 2015, that an email client doesn’t need spam filters, which were required in the 90s and early 20th century? If email is stored on the servers and accessed using imap, what is the value of a local spam filter, over a server one (one that is updated often)

    its like saying that in 2015, i can’t imagine a PC without a floppy drive.

    1. If you do not have control over the mail server and that mail server doesn’t implement good spam filters, you can only work on the client side.

      1. agreed, but the local filters should be off by default. i’ve experienced horrors with Thunderbird due to false positives. people on Corporate servers likely have sufficient server-side filtering. gmail/hotmail users also have sufficient server-side filtering.

    2. Sorry but I love the idea of email clients in the early 20th Century. Was that before the Second World War?

  48. thx for this very informative article! my experience with eM is better than yours. i think it is the best by far– fast, good-looking, simple-as-possible config yet still powerful, loaded with features without feeling bloated, lots of user-friendly features. However, i have found the tech support not nearly as helpful– they seem in a state of denial at times…

  49. have you tried Postbox? My main problem is that my inbox is close to 19gb and growing. As a real estate broker I have to keep records and email for 5 years. So my inbox is always going to be huge. Postbox seems to integrate with gmail the best but I couldn’t figure out how to NOT also pull the “All Mail” folder. So I would actually have two 19 GB mail files. Just wondering if you had tried it. They JUST came out with Postbox 4 and I was about to try it again to see if I was successful. I used Outlook forever but once an inbox gets around 15gb, it struggles starting and becomes very unstable. I’m sort of used to the browser gmail now but still would love to use a client so I can “Right click” and send or attach, etc, etc…

    1. isn’t postbox just a “theme” for thunderbird?

      My understanding is that with some patience and a bunch of plugins you can reach the same result using thunderbird.

      1. No, Postbox is “not at all” a theme for Thunderbird.

        The main reason, why I am using Postbox – it has blazingly fast search engine.

        Also it works much, much better with IMAP and Offline (it can download all attachments for offline use automatically).

        I have not tried latest Thunderbird versions, but they seems the same, and it is too “spotted”, “noisy” interface, too many buttons, colors etc…

    2. Postbox version 4 has limited export options, so if you use it for a while and don’t like it then you have too few options to export to something useful. Also even in evaluation mode it’s very difficult to get support for their issues without paying for it. I am looking for a better alternative.

  50. Had to abandon Thunderbird as the process to import my Google mail contacts is impossibly complicated due to (they say) changes in the Google authorization process…..switching to em client as it does all the work for you when creating….sorry to leave T’bird.

    1. I call shenanigans on Google and their BS about the autho being so weird.

      I have email accounts serviced by Google Apps for domains email and both work perfectly fine.

      All my accounts on gmail servers use two-factor autho, and only the doesn’t work. does not work on Thunderbird because Google doesn’t want it to. They can’t generate ad revenue if people keep ditching their progressively sucky Web interface for desktop clients.

  51. Thunderbird sometimes burps and simply deletes emails. Used to never do this, but as the database grew it has been getting worse. In the past used the Bat, Pocomail, Sylpheed, Pegasus, Eudora. Running Win 7 now, new laptop coming with Win 8.1 and will change client. Probably will try Mailbird. While they were not immediately responsive, they did implement Opt-out (probably after seeing discussion on this thread).

    While that may not be the perfect solution, going forward I cannot live with the random loss of emails as I have now with Thunderbird (which I keep updated)

  52. It turns out that in Win 7 and Win 8/8.1/8.1 Update, Microsoft carried over their Windows Mail e-mail client from Vista(!) — but they deactivated it (because they’re Microsoft). HOWEVER, for those who liked that [very likely singular] feature of Vista, or XP’s Outlook Express (to which it is a very similar, though not identical, update), it is possible to activate Windows Mail in these operating systems; see (the specific instructions for Win 8 are lower down the page). Especially for the less technically inclined, I recommend carefully reading through the instructions a couple of times — AND creating a Restore Point — before proceeding.

    1. Unfortunately, Windows Live Mail will be included in the new and more intrusive “Microsoft Terms of Service” to go active in August 2015. I’m looking for a free PC based email client that I could use instead of webmail, and also import my emails into, from all of my web based email accounts, (Hotmail, Yahoo, Gmail ). I already use StartPage as my search engine inside Firefox and am looking to get away from any and all Google and Microsoft intrusions.I may opt to use StartMail but don’t think I can import all of my mail into it and it is $60 per year but VERY private and secure . I am not savvy on the jargon here so, I hope I made sense. Can anyone suggest a client suited to me? I didn’t mind using “Outlook Express” and “Outlook 6 ” . I MISS them, actually! Thank you!

      1. Hello. The e-mail client to which I referred is called “Windows Mail” and was the successor to (and an update of) Outlook Express 6 from Windows XP (which I, too, very much liked — and still do); it’s baked into the OS like OE was, not an installed application. So, if you happen to be running Windows 7 (and apparently also Win 8, though I am not and have no direct knowledge), you can activate Win Mail, which though not identical to OE, is very similar (and works adequately for my needs) in Win 7. There are some earlier posts at this site about a project called “Run As XP” that has managed to offer Outlook Express 6 for Windows 7, 8 & 10 (; though I had a disappointing experience, another reported success and it may be worthwhile to investigate. Also, for what it may be worth, Thunderbird has had a major update; though TB still does not appear to be an e-mail client for my needs, others may be interested (see “Thunderbird 38.0.1 is a massive update for the email client” – Hope this is helpful.

  53. Thank you, AJ North!
    Please, pardon my misunderstanding.It may attribute to some of my difficulty in following points made in previous posts, also.
    Yes, your post was VERY helpful and I will look into both Windows Mail and Thunderbird, perhaps even “Run as XP” if all else fails. I run Win7 only and will probably prefer Windows Mail also then since, I understand that you liked Outlook 6 too 😉 I’ll report back soon with my experience as it may be helpful. Thanks, again !

    1. You’re very welcome, Lo Olver (and no apology necessary)! Since both activating “Windows Mail” in Windows 7 and Thunderbird are zero-cost solutions (Run As XP requires a donation to receive the activation keys), you might try one of them first. Though I personally prefer (and currently use) Windows Mail, there are several steps requiring at least some technical prowess, so you may want to try Thunderbird first. If you do proceed with the activation of Windows Mail, may I suggest reading through the instructions a few times (and even re-write them on a separate sheet of paper in your own words, such that they make complete sense to you). Also, best practices would be to back-up all important files to an external drive (which one should do on a regular basis in any case) and create a Restore Point before beginning. Good luck!

      1. Oh, thanks again!
        I appreciate the attentive advice, very much. I’m still in the reading/deciding phase but am finding myself leaning toward Thunderbird first, for the very reasons that you mention. 😉

  54. Soooo, I have downloaded ThunderBird 38.0.1 and setup couldn’t have been easier where the software was concerned 😉 I need to spend some time in it of course, to become familiar but I think, I like it at first glance! Of course, regarding Time Warner Cables’ end of things, there was a problem :/ After entering the SAME settings that all 3 TWC reps instructed me to, I noticed and ThunderBird dutifully kept warning me that there was NO encryption on that incoming connection ( Dat’s a good boyyy T-Bird!). I got back on the phone with TWC about it. After the Rep. tried to brush it off and I continued to hold her feet to the fire (But politely, lol! ) she thanked me and promised she would escalate the concern to the tech team and gave me an e-mail address to customer support to explain the problem. hmmm … I wasn’t about to accept NO encryption for e-mails so, I went to settings and told T-Bird to only download “Headers” for the meanwhile. I continued searching forums to see if others were noticing this and what they had done about it. I found a post on TWCs site forum about the same issue from 2 years ago to the month, lol! A Tech chimed in on the post promising a solution by August 2013 but never did REpost with the solution (Complaints continued on the post ). FOR ANYONE USING TWC SERVERS WITH THE SAME CONCERN over NO SSL, I found a post (BELOW) there too, a year and 1/2 later by a USER not the Tech. , with a solution. It seems to be working out for me WITH SSL on the incoming AND outgoing ports 😉 I’ll bring more info back here as my experience progresses 😉

    “” Re: does not appear to have any security.
    [ Edited ]

    ‎11-17-2014 07:37 PM – edited ‎11-17-2014 07:39 PM

    I’m in SoCal using ‘’ and I have found settings that work for Thunderbird.



    Port: 995

    Connection Security: SSL/TLS

    Authentication Method: Normal password



    Port: 587

    Connection Security: STARTTLS

    Authentication Method: Normal Password

    I initially used Authentication = password; transmitted insecurely and Connection Security = none.

    I hope this helps. “”

    1. Glad to see that you’ve chosen an e-mail client, gotten through the various configuration hoops and found it to your liking.

      1. 😀 The acid test will be over the next few weeks in my spare time, importing and configuring , changing email addresses in my online accounts then mostly abandoning web mail . I will be glad to get away from the barrage of ads and reality that everything is being gleaned from all of my mail. I will likely keep a web account for less important things. Thanks again for your help, A.J. 😉

  55. I am still using Pocomail. It is no longer being updated, for understandable reasons, but is still a good standby and it works on Windows 8.1 64-bit) and will probably also do so on Windows 10.

  56. Thanks for a very interesting and informative article. I would like to know everyone’s thoughts about RPost, VaporStream, InInBox and Foxmail 7 to name a few. The happpiest day of my life will be when we quit using emClient. By email standards, We paid good money for emClient thinking if was a superior product and buy purchasing the product support would be good. It is not and they, “they are in a stage of denai! Are there really good, powerful email clients you can purchase?

    1. Try TheBat! I own and use the professional version since 2 years and did not regret the migration. I have fully mirrored IMAP folders weighting in at about 2 gb and the software is lightweight and ultra fast. Thunderbird regularly crashed and was bogged down. Windows would take forever to open. Not so in TB. IMO the only solution for email-power users with lots of emails and lots of IMAP folders.

  57. A dinosaur, I’ve stuck with Eudora 7.1 and making do. My various web sites funnel mail to Gmail, from whence I download to my Win7 PC.

    ALL OF A SUDDEN, in the middle of the day, I got a spanking new error message when I tell Eudora to download from the Gmail inbox.

    It refers to an SSL certificate being rejected for an unknown reason, and mentions — in the arcane text — an Equifax secure certificate authority. Much blah blah follows.

    I took a screen shot and put in on a page on one of my sites:

    If anyone can decipher & tell me how to cure this, I will be grateful. The reason I came to this site because I was in despair about the possibility of having to abandon Eudora and its wonderful features.

    Also, on 05/13, John wrote about installing the UTF plugin for Eudora. How can I get that?

    1. That’s the message you get when a regularly trusted site updates it SSL certs. You’ll need to accept the cert in Tbird just liked you’d do for a website.

    1. If you have a problem in Postbox that the online user guides cannot answer, you would have to spend $ on a support incident, even in evaluation mode.
      Also message import and export is very limited.

  58. I have also been investigating email clients after having used MS Outlook in most of it’s guises. I’ve just set up a Gmail based IMAP account which was quite torturous and it still isn’t perfect.
    Unlike you (it seems 🙂 )I really cannot stand (and don’t use) any of the webmail options.
    I do like in fact and I plan to experiment with Roundcube.
    I currently use Windows Live, Outlook, eM Client and ZIMBRA. The latter being the main reason for my dropping you this line. I find it hard to chose between Zimbra and eM Client but if I had to would put the latter first followed closely by Zimbra and then MS Outlook 2010.
    Incidentally I use and like Zoho mail which I recommend you to try.
    Regards and thatnks for a great article.

    1. Zimbra Desktop is a nightmare when it comes to importing your Contacts from another email client… I was NEVER able to get it to work.. I’ve given up on Zimbra…

      1. Interesting, I didn’t have that problem originally when I installed it two years ago and coincidentally I had to do some reinstals recently and your comment made me realise that I had forgotten to put back my contacts. It seems to have worked fine again.
        I exported from Outlook 2010 in a windows format and then reimported into Zimbra.
        Again coincidentally they just sent me an update for a later version so I installed that. maybe it will help you.

  59. Thunderbird has had an update in June 2015. So the project is not completely dead yet, thankfully.

    1. Thunderbird is now developed by the community not mozilla directly (as far as I understand). Whether this is good or bad is yet to be seen.

  60. My XP machine crashed, but I have been able to recover the contents of the HD by putting the drive into an enclosure (CIT) which allows it to be treated as an external drive on this computer, Vista, using Outlook for e-mail. Windows 7 is also installed in dual-boot mode, if that helps.

    Of course I cannot recover directly the e-mails from Outlook Express on the XP machine, even though I have all the .DBX files. What is your suggestion for recovering them?

  61. I’m fed up with Windows Live Mail and the crappy connection to Skydrive. The photos get hung up and never complete being sent. This clogs the entire program until you hard boot. Microsoft seems unconcerned, so I must find a new client program. I hate the idea of selling any more of my sole to the freebies like gmail as I only use them for public emails, so I am researching client programs which will simply handle the variety I need in both POP and IMAP accounts. I do not mind paying for a decent program, but I have yet to find any which are user friendly, reliable, and are not just cleverly designed spy systems. I use Windows 7 on a 64 mbs. Any ideas are appreciated. I was hoping to find some programs with better user ratings but maybe mediocre is as high as it gets.

      1. Seems the jury is out on the Windows 10 client. I just read a forum where they said it won’t do POP, and another person said it was not even as good as Windows Live Mail. That is a pretty low bar to measure with. I’ve been watching your posts with Mailbird, and have seen that they are now watching the security issues, have you changed your rating for Mailbird? … I think the last rating was a 2.5, but that was before the updates and fixes.

      2. I’ve tried Mailbird v2 for the second time after a couple month hiatus. Security issues aside, it does seem to work better overall, and I don’t believe it had a unified inbox in my prior test. Do wish within the unified inbox that you could easily figure out what account the email is from. My main issue with Mailbird has remained unchanged. For one of my accounts it generates a new draft when composing about every 30 seconds and doesn’t delete them all upon sending. It appears the issue is really from something happening on the server side and the email provider has seen it before. With that said, I still don’t get the same behavior in Windows Live Mail or Postbox. My other 2 email accounts in Mailbird (hotmail and gmail) don’t exhibit the multi-draft behavior.

  62. (Apologies if this is a duplicate. I thought I posted a couple of days ago, but I don’t see it here.)

    I, too, am a long time Eudora user — close to 20 years. I love it, but it is getting old and slow and has problems with certain characters, and I don’t know if it will work in Windows 10. So I’m looking for a good replacement. Some of my criteria are ability to handle multiple accounts, (I have at least three), ability to file emails in custom folders, ability to import — directly or indirectly — my ten years worth of emails and folders, ability to preview emails without opening them.

    I’ve looking at The Bat, eM Client, Opera, Mailbird. I’ve tentatively ruled out Thunderbird because it looks like its days are numbered. Is that a mistake? Inky looked interesting, but it says folders are created according to email account. Postbox also looked interesting, but importing from Eudora is not supported.

    What do you all think?


    1. Thunderbird just got an update. It seems the community took over and it won’t be supported directly by Mozilla. This is very interesting news, hopefully we will see some real update in the coming releases.

  63. One of the happiest days of my life was when I convinced everyone at work to shell out some real money for a feature-rich program – em Client that was going to make life easier. The next happiest day will be when we find something else soon, given the problems with em Client, suicide might be a viable alternative. That being said, let me tell you my biggest problems with em Client. 1. What a memory hog. Just checked and it is setting at 125 megs as we speak. 2. It locks up and becomes totally unresponsive, multiple times a day. And, the only way to kill it is with Task Manager. 3. I just dare you to format a decent looking outgoing email. I cannot be done with em Client. You can have a paragraph of text that indicates (and looks) like TNR 18, but you click to change it to 12 and its get BIGGER! But click it to 8 and then back to 12 and you generally get what you want. The problem is that the anomalies just start there. 4. No auto-responder. Well, none that I can find via HELP. Even worse, their HELP Search function does not have Boolean capabilities, so when you search for Auto Reply, you are going to get 50 hits that are not germaine to what you are looking for. Do not waste your money. We did!

    1. I’ve never had any of those performance issues with eM Client. Mine’s sitting at 27mb of ram right now… and I have never had any issues with it locking up or anything…

  64. Now that I trashed what we have, can anyone give me any suggestions about what we should have. I am not really to concerned about the price, maybe capping out at a $100 a user, but the program must be able to handle multiple email accounts, format a decent looking outgoing message and have an auto respond feature. Is that too much to ask? I am open to any suggestion. We have tried Incredimail but it runs terribly slow if there is a lot of incoming. Thunderbird did the same thing and outgoing formatting was less than desirable. So suggestions anyone?

    1. Hello. Though I have not yet tried it, some commenters at other sites (and one above) recommend Pegasus Mail (current version is 4.70, released 2/14; the developer has been working on v. 5 for some time, but it’s essentially an avocation…). I plan to give it a whirl in a virtualized installation (but it may be a while before I get to it).

  65. Thanks for the article.

    Have tried all the suggestions prior to this but writing in to say there seems to be no good email client for windows.

    The closest I have found personally is thunderbird. Reason being:

    It can handle 5gb IMAP inbox and storing it on USB reasonably reliably.
    It has a plugin to export to .eml for backup.
    It has filters to auto sort incoming mail / delete / mark read

    But like you say it’s VERY SLOW and clunky.
    The 18,000 emails in my inbox probably is a factor.

    I did not know postbox is built on top of thunderbird. Will take another look.

    The search continues

  66. As many here agree, one of the only clients that made everyone happy was Eudora…in the last month there have been massive problems with it rejecting certificates and my installation looks like it might not recover from this.
    Mail is such an essential part of an internet life, yet OS developers neglect it, preferring to foster “closer integration with Facebook”… although I suspect that email will be around longer than facebook.
    Would love any suggestions for a good email client. Have tried all of the above and have up to now stuck with Eudora.

    1. GWHARTON —

      The certificate issue with Eudora is usually fairly easy to solve. First, it is not inherently a problem with Eudora, it is caused by the fact that e-mail providers, for whatever reason, seem to be changing their certificates at a more frequent rate than in the past (this seems to be particularly true with G-Mail.

      Most often, the solution is just to tell Eudora to accept the new certificates. There is a procedure to tell Eudora to accept the new certificate once an old one has been rejected, see the following for guidance:

      If that link does not solve the problem for you, feel free to contact me directly or to re-post here.


      1. Thanks GWarton. I’d been having that problem and hadn’t found a solution until now.

      2. Hi again Danny. That worked for a few days, but it came up again today. And when I checked the certificates, there aren’t any with the skull and bones symbol. All of them up until the last have a square mouth rather than a “happy” one. And there is no symbol on the last one.

        Also, the ones listed don’t seem to relate to the one I’m having the problem with.

        Thank you for any suggestions.

      3. David –

        I am going to need more information to try to assist you with this issue. Please use the contact link at the bottom of the page at: to contact me directly with any more detailed information you may have and to provide me with your e-mail address and we can take it from there.


  67. Thanks for your round up…

    I use Thunderbird (today updated to 38.2.0) and have tried many others but none of them suit. I keep most emails in “local folders” which I back up about once a fortnight and have only an inbox and sent items etc as IMAP folders.
    For me it works pretty seamlessly. I’ve got used to the rather clunky addressbook and have a few (not many) plug ins.

  68. I second the votes for Pegasus Mail.

    I’ve used Pegasus for almost two decades, and it just gets better and better, as well as more and more secure. Pegasus still works well with the latest IMAP security protocols.

    Its layout can be customized to look just like Outlook or any other layout you like – very flexible – and it has dependable one-step drag-and-drop capability (such as dragging messages and dropping them into folders, not needing to use “Move to…”). Moreover, you can paste images within your text and they will be sent inline just as you put them.

  69. Hi again Danny. The solution you posted on 8/9 worked for a few days, but it came up again today. And when I checked the certificates, there aren’t any with the skull and bones symbol. All of them up until the last have a square mouth rather than a “happy” one. And there is no symbol on the last one.

    Also, the ones listed don’t seem to relate to the one I’m having the problem with.

    Thank you for any suggestions.

    1. David –

      I need more information to assist you with this issue. Please use this link ( to contact me directly with any more detailed information you may have and to provide me with your direct e-mail address so that we can discuss this issue further.


  70. This is just to say that I am now having EXACTLY the same problem with Eudora as “David”, above. (All details the same as “David”, including the icons with square mouths — and the fact that all fixes published so far don’t work.) I see we have “Danny”, the Eudora expert behind the page, posting here. Danny, did you figure out David’s problem? If so, can you post the solution on your web site? THANK YOU!

    WE HAVE A FIX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    THANKS & KUDOS to Danny Weiss of the amazing web site for thinking of the final step to make it work!

    To recap, the situation is that since some ISPs have changed their server certificate, Eudora has been jamming on sending and receiving mail.

    We learned that to get the incoming mail to work, we need to

    (1) Try to check mail; get error message about SSL certificate
    (2) Right-click on personality and select Properties
    (3) Select ‘Incoming Mail’ tab
    (4) Click on ‘Last SSL Info’ button
    (5) Select Certificate Information Manager
    (6) Click on each + in the chain of certificates listed under ‘Server’ until we find the skull-&-crossbones one
    (7) Select it, and click on ‘Add to Trusted’
    (8) Close out carefully (“Done”, “OK”) & close Eudora
    (9) Open Eudora and try again.
    (10) If the error persists, repeat the sequence and find the next unTrusted certificate, get it Trusted, and so on.

    We hear that to get the outgoing mail to work, we need merely to do the same thing, but use the “Generic Properties” tab instead of the “Incoming Mail” tab. BUT, for many of us, that simply hasn’t worked. We select “Last SSL Info”, but we just get an error message saying that we have never sent email using an SSL connection wtih this personality. Without access to the “Last SSL Info” > Certificate Information Manager, we can’t get any further.

    Danny suggested that on the “Properties” window (the window that pops up when we right-click the personality), on the “Generic Properties” tab, we should UNCHECK the box that says “Use relay personality, if defined.”

    So I unchecked the box. I closed the window. I repeated the steps…. IT WORKED!!! This time, when I clicked on “Last SSL info”, I got a grey window similar to the one I had obtained on the “Incoming Mail” side. This time, I was able to select the Certificate Information Manager, find the skull-and-bones certificate, and “Add to Trusted”.

    THAT’S IT!!!!

    I hope all of you are now sending and receiving again with Eudora, which remains the best-ever computer-based email client for Windows! (Perfect interface, flexible search, multiple instances can run simultaneously, lots of other besties.)

    <3 RTLMommy

  72. I’m still waiting on Nylas (formerly called “Inbox”) to finish their email protocol and client. Does anyone have dev access to the API to let us know how it’s progressing?

    1. Fiernaq –

      Looking at the Nylas site ( it does not appear to me to be a stand-alone e-mail client, but rather an API seeking to integrate e-mail and other data systems. Perhaps I do not fully understand the product, but I do not see this as an e-mail tool for end users.

      Is this what you are asking about?


  73. I have used Incredimail for years. Not for the silly stationary but because i like the block and bounce back to sender options. I paid for no advertising and it was going great for years. Unfortunately, their updates forcing me to update made for constant spammy emails from their own company. Something I paid not to have. Since then I changed my security to Vipre and I love it. But it blocks any Incredimal uploads and that made me not trust it anymore. I still cannot find a email client that I can bounce messages back to sender so easily. No simple way to block them either. So I am using Yahoo. I can at least set blocking easily.

  74. If it’s not native then it’s not worth having on my desktop. This applies to everything, from simple messengers to browsers and email clients. MFC or bust!

  75. Is there a program that is very similar to “Eudora?”
    I used Eudora since they put it down on the market, until a few days ago, I am so used to it that I can not find a mail reader similar to it.
    Can anyone help me? Thank you and bless…

    1. Sandy –

      The short answer is “no,” there is nothing very similar to Eudora. That does not mean that there are not other e-mail clients that will work, but if you want the look, feel, and functions of Eudora, you really have only one choice.

      But why look for something similar to Eudora when you can just keep using Eudora? What is keeping you from continuing to use the software you prefer? Eudora still works on every version of Windows released since Eudora was created. The situation with Macs is a little more restrictive.


  76. I’m looking for a email client that can handle very large folders, I have 20K+ emails. And not surprisingly, I’m looking for a good search engine, ability to search just one folder or multiple folders. Also not just word searches but letter combinations, such as ‘fat’ that it will find all the words that have ‘fat’ as part of it. Thanks.

    1. Eudora with the X1 search feature enabled will do the job both in terms of handling a very large quantity of e-mail and providing an excellent search capability.

  77. Hi There!

    Anyway, I am -like many others- a big fan of eudora for many, many years. I haven trying to find something that would be so flexible, user friendly and powerful as Eudora, but have not found it yet! I tried, outlook, thuderbird and others.. but nop… they dont let me manage my multiple emails, multiple folders with filters, etc., cause is important for me to have access to my old email archives… if I would change .. i would need something that can rescue all my Eudora archive email… and and have such a fast powerful search feature.

    Just for the record Eudora still rocks with windows 10, but yes.. Sometimes weird characters with UTF8 (I write a lot in Spanish) and some problems with SSL certificates.. But I have to stick with Eudora until someone does something similar to its power and flexibility… if there is anyone there that knows the answer about any program that is as good as Eudora: I WANT TO KNOW… by the way.. the UTF8 thing with weird characters is fixed adding a plugin available here…

    IF THE SOME OF THE OLD EUDORA DEVELOPERS ARE STILL OUT THERE… come on! Create a new version… there will be many of us that would not just buy it, but help to make it famous and help to make it good business.

    Best to all Eudora die-hard-fans out there!


    1. I have been a user of Eudora for nearly 20 years and love it but am having problems with 2 issues:
      1) it won’t display Chinese characters (not a major issue)
      2) it won’t hold the formatting when forwarding emails. For example, many users will post a table into their email directly from MS Excel and I can view fine but when I forward it loses the table formatting. Is there any solution for that as my work colleagues moan about my emails being unreadable?

      1. Hello Richard,
        Though not ever having used Eudora, nevertheless I wonder whether one could maintain the integrity of the Excel (or other formatted) files by including them as an attachment (perhaps even compressing them using, say, the 7-Zip File Manager).

      2. Richard –

        Have you tried using the “Paste Special” option when you insert your spreadsheet data into Eudora? I have done this and it seems to hold the formatting very well as far as I can tell.

        I tried both the Rich Text (RTF) option and the Bitmap option when I inserted the data and both displayed the columns and rows very well. Since the bitmap method is an image, it is probably the best way to preserve the formatting but, of course, no one receiving it will be able to manipulate the data (which may not be a bad thing).


    2. There is a very good Eudora plugin to handle the UTF-8 issue. It is called the Greek Message Viewer, but do not let the name bother you, it works with almost anything I have seen with UTF encoding thus far. Here is the link for the Greek Message Viewer plugin:

      While there are other UTF plugins available, I have found this to be the most effective so far.


      1. Hi Aj/Danny

        Many thanks for your ideas. I have tried the UTF plug in and that seems to work for many of the Chinese issues – many thanks.

        For the formatting issue I was hoping to avoid sending as attachments as so of then they are integral to the message. Also it seems somewhat clumsy to have to cut, paste, save and then attach a whole email. I was wondering if there was a more elegant solution.

        Thanks tho for your ideas.

    3. @Vic, I haven’t used Eudora but have used The Bat! for many years. Whilst it has its foibles, I manage 20 plus accounts mostly IMAP including system accounts that generate a lot of messages, mailing lists and the like. It has a very flexible filtering system based on many attributes of the message, sender, address book and groups, etc. TB! is extremely flexible on searching (folder, multiple folders to multiple accounts) even using regex’s, virtual folders, templates per recipient/group/folder/account.

      The reason for the post is that it will also import from Eudora Lite/Pro plus many other formats!


  78. well, I don’t see a lot here that would help me (except for dumping thunderbird). I use jaws as my screen reader and I am trying to find a useful client that won’tn lock me to just the MS interface. I use gmail, icloud, hotmail and some others. Honestly, I might just install vmware and run Ubuntu as a seperate session and use kmail (its the closest to apple mail that I can find). btw, any suggestions for the blind windows user?

    1. Eric –

      There is an e-mail list server called Blind Eudora on which there are many people that can give you better advice on issues relating to your specific needs than you will find here. Despite the name, I am sure list members will be able to discuss e-mail solutions other than Eudora with you, if that is what you want. For information on the Blind Eudora list go to the following link:

      Good luck,


  79. The Bat! is an excellent client except for the cluttered UI and coloumns. I expected an UI overhaul in major version 7 but, there had been no changes in the UI.

  80. I am using POCOMAIL 4 and it has been great but I can’t get technical support. It has a really nice GUI. Is there any one out there using POCOMAIL 4?

  81. I, too, am looking for a free e-mail program to replace OE6.x. I had been using OE thru TWC, (Time Warner Cable), Road Runner with out any major problems. (That was with XP). Received a W-7, (64 bit), computer last Xmas. Updated to W-10 w/o any type of e-mail. I had established accounts with gmail & AOL. I’ve very patiently, and I strongly emphasize, p a t i e n t l y tried to work with RR Web Mail. I’m very slowly loosing my patience……… Didn’t have that problem with XP/OE6. Just about every time I log in, I get: “Your session has expired. Please log in again.” When I do get to log in, I may get to read ??? e-mails before the above starts again. One time, (day or night–don’t matter), I clicked an e-mail, went thru “Your session—–“, umpteen times……. I will appreciate any suggestions as to an e-mail program similar to OE6 and all of it characteristics, import contacts, e-mails, etc. I’ve got to get rid of RR Web Mail…. T H A N K S for any suggestions.
    Patrick :):):):)

  82. Patrick –

    You might find Eudora useful. It will run on Windows 10 and you may even be able to import your old Outlook Express data. Of course, if you really want an Outlook type of program, you can always go to the full version of Outlook, although I am not really a fan. If you want to try Eudora, here is the link for the files you will need to download for the installation:

    Good luck,


    1. Danny, thank you for your reply. 🙂 I still have a W-XP machine available, but, wanted to install some type of e-mail client that is compatible with OUTLOOK EXPRESS so that I may open some of my old e-mail(s). I have/had some information and data that I would like to access utilizing W-10.
      Thanks again! 🙂

      Patrick :):):):)

  83. For what it’s worth, Softmaker has dropped eM from its Office package and is now including Thunderbird. They say they’ve assigned an engineer to work with the Thunderbird team, so maybe that client still has some life in it.

  84. Does anyone know of email software that has a notifier (other than Incredimail).

    1. I think that almost any email client has this capability. E.g. Thunderbird has now pre-installed Lightning so notifications and calendar is available. I am going to give a try to Pimero Free, this one should have notifications too.

  85. I couldnt agree less with the author, mailbird is a horrible app. slow buggy and will try to prevent you from uninstalling it. In fact its so unsafe that gmail wont let you login from the app and gives you the warning that mailbird “fails to meet modern security standards” mailbird instructs you to allow connection to less secure apps. Avoid this email program.

    1. Totally disagree. Mailbird rivals Outlook and seems quite fast. Its main problem is that you can’t forward email to a group. other than that it seems pretty good.

      1. I have never had the ‘fails to meet modern security standards’ issue. That happens if you misconfigure.

        I love MailBird. It’s fast, it’s extremely well designed — which caused me to move from PostBox and Thunderbird. Being able to manage 10 e-mail accounts efficiently is important to me and MailBird performs exceptionally well and displays everything maximizing usable space. I am a HEAVY e-mail user and the only reason I keep Thunderbird around is as a tool for IMAP migrations.

        Thunderbird is still great, but it’s ugly and just doesn’t fit the way I work. No clue why anyone in their right mind would have an issue with MailBird.

    1. this is simply a plugin and doesn’t do imap or pop3 accounts, only webmail which we can get without this.

  86. I am current using PostBox, and up to version 4, I was satisfied. However, with 4, they decided that user created email addresses would no longer be shown as a sidebar to the compose screen for dragging and dropping, but instead it is now created automatically from emails sent and received. Additionally, there is no way to update or delete these, or turn off auto updates, so it becomes a humongous number over time to where it is unusable unless you don’t mind search through many “View More” screens of email addresses. I loved Outlook Express, and am now looking for a suitable Client for my Windows 8.1.

  87. My Windows mail APP crashed on my 8.1 PC recently.Totally stopped synching, have to ask why? Appears got to upgrade to Windows 10 to get it back, but I don’t want to.Really liked the set up on Windows Mail, have Thunderbird installed at the moment, but I feel its very messy, with silly little icons that are hard to find & it gets cross with you if you don’t wait for it to download messages. I have to ask what would be the next alternative to what I have been use to. I like just a plain & simple layout, with no junk around it.

  88. Eudora (version 6 or 7, not 8) still the best. If you server is Exchange Server, combine it with DavMail. If you need free excellent e-mail notifier, use Magic Mail Monitor. To use Eudora in Windows 8 or 10, install at C://Eudora

    1. Eudora is obsolete it does not include new TSLv3 if you use just plain passwords it still works I guess 😉

  89. What an incredible thread.

    We like gmail, except for its lack of sorting, its bogus idea that advanced searching is a substitute for sort. Generally I duplicate forward to my homebase Eudora account for quick sorting and strong filtering. However, for our biz use we would like something a bit more elegant.

    So, is there an iMap implementation that will let us go into .. Eudora, theBat!, Pegasus, Mailbird .. and simply work properly with gmail files (not huge, maybe 1,000 records) and work with them in sorting bunches. Deleting, moving to new folders, etc. (Also reply with the gmail showing as the return addy is desirable.)

    Which one really works and rocks? That is all I want to do. Most of the time the user will likely still be in gmail. (Which is a gmail biz account, using our domain name.)



    1. Just to be clear, mutiple gmail boxes is NOT needed here, in the biz everybody has simply one mailbox.

      I also wondered if Zimbra, or Yahoo (they have just gotten snazzier) would add that type of sorting functionality when they operate on a gmail box, if they do. However that is unlikely.

      What I think I want is simply a stable iMap Desktop client that will be very happy. I’m not sure about Eudora mostly because I always use it as POP. And granted, it is not being upgraded, so its use might be just a one year temporary fix at this point. Still, the superb program. 10-15 years and more running.



  90. Yes mailbird is a simplified piece of Junk.
    As for Windows Live Mail it wont work in windows 10 its broken and they haven’t fixed it as of 30/12/2015 even the quick fixes supplied my some websites do not work

  91. Time to redo this review I suggest as Incredimail has stopped working due to a Win 10 update and plenty of people are again looking for a reliable safe and secure email client.

  92. EM Client is useless. It won’t SEND my gmail. No decent support – just wants one to troll forums rather than accept user convenient e-mail. Have wasted half my holiday on this application – lesson – never believe reviews listed in Google Search!!

    1. Sorry to hear you had a bad experience with EM client, I have found it to be one of the best of a poor bunch. Using the free version, it added my gmail apps account with not problem, it collects mail, syncs contacts and calendar without any problems. Only glitch I’ve found has been sending to groups/mailing lists, better to go to the webmail interface for that.

      On my home Windows 10 machine I’ve just installed Fossamail, after the Windows Mail app stopped talking to my mail provider, and so far it is working fine.

    2. Been using EM for good few years now, 7 8.1, 10. Gmail works just fine. Overall it’s not perfect, but one of the best of a not so great bunch.

      1. I have used emclient for several years, Started with the free version then bought Pro. It is cheap, but has many problems and poor support. It may be fine for purely social use, but if you count on your email for critical legal, work and other needs, STY AWAY!!!

    3. I have been using myself emclient for 2 years now with 5 different email account (across many server:hotmail,google,yahoo and others) with no issue what so ever!. PLUS I’m in charge of 287 system from different user, they all have emclient and for the last 2 years, I haven’t received one call about issue for emclient.

      So for me eMclient would be 4.9/5 only because perfection does not existe.

  93. FossaMail (from Moonchild, who also offer the Pale Moon browser) has been updated to version 25.2.0 (Windows Vista / Vista 64 bit / 7 / 7 64 bit / 8 / 8 64 bit / 10 / 10 64 bit).

  94. Along with so many have been talked into updating to Windows 10, I’m not a computer savvy granny, would rather ride my motorbike but it seems modern technology is determined to suck the life out of us. I have been with IncrediMail since its inception. LOVED it! Until now. A long time ago I paid for lifetime membership. Getting VIP help was a breeze, now, all my registrations disappeared overnight, can not get any help whatsoever, folders are disappearing, contacts have gone missing. Can some one PLEASE recommend an easy to use (age friendly) email program that can accommodate 3 emails?

  95. Matteo: What email client do you use on Linux?
    Windows 10 is so unacceptable that I am thinking about going to Linux. And, if not included in the email client, what do you use for calendaring and reminders?
    Thanks for the article. Neat 3-D in the logo!

  96. I have used Incredimail almost since the very first day it came on the market and have always been very satisfied with it.

    But after updating to Windows 10 it just won’t work anymore. It keeps crashing and I have over the past couple of month complained about it to both Incredimail and Microsoft numerous times.

    Microsoft don’t even bother to reply. Incredimail have replied every time and they finally came up with a fix – only problem with the fix was and still is that it do not solve the problem.
    I think that Incredimail should really do something to find a solution that is if they still want people to use their product.

    I’ve ended up downloading Windows Live Mail and I have to admit that it works both sending and receiving from three different accounts. However, also admitted – it was a little more complicated to set up but when I have that done it worked and is still working. But I would like to go back to Incredimail and will for sure do if and when they get it work properly.

  97. I had to get an email replacement for OE when switching from XP to Win7. I had a huge data base of business emails, with attachments, that I had to import without a hitch, and they had to be sortable and searchable.
    I finally tried OE Classic.I will say that it did import everything (although it did skew folder names in the process) and the emails are searchable.
    But in everyday use OE Classic has some real inconveniences that you cannot turn on/off to improve the program: no “message rules,” such as automatic sorting to a folder, no spell checker, you cannot drag and drop incoming attachments (you have to “save as”), and there is this annoying “navigate to URL?” message that pops up whenever you click a hotlink, requiring an additional step. Also, sometimes it stalls like something is running in the background.
    But, OE Classic has worked OK and did not mess up the folders import beyond use.
    The developer responds to emails and says they are trying to add the most-requested features. They are not looking to add spell checker because this is already in so many programs; this is a problem for me because I need it when I compose in an email frame.
    I would consider going to another program, but I would need to have infallible message and folder import.
    THIS discussion doesn’t seem to point in a clear direction.
    Or am I missing something?

  98. – Thunderbird has a **major** bug – every now and then it asks you if you want to ‘compress’ your mailbox to save 20GB, and of course you say ‘sure’ – and then sometimes it just wipes the inbox!!! – this is a serious shock – the first time it happened, I managed to find something on the net that let me get the inbox back, but the last time it happened, it disappeared it completely. Very, VERY bad karma with this program.

      1. if I remember correct it ends up in an archive map somewhere you don’t expect it to do

    1. This is also why I am here. Thunderbird does not provide a way to return to “status quo ante” after a botched compaction. I once got a deleted mailbox back by using the Repair Folder function, but last week my Sent mbox vanished completely — no trace of it even after deep scans by Recuva.

      I used my Sent folder as the way of keeping my many correspondents accountable for their contributions to ongoing projects.

      Consequently, I now distrust everything built on the Thunderbird engine, such as FossaMail, and I question the sanity of the Mozilla Foundation.

  99. Including is multi account and handles my 9gb database well. Only one gripe, it will not let me draw on imported Images in order to highlight something. But as my replacement for a annoying Outlook it is the only game in town. Support is responsive which is all that matters.

    1. Should read eMclient…… ..NOT INCLUSIVE…… blame my tablets autocorrect

  100. There is one client I did not see anyone mention which is Clyton. It has promise but does not have a calendar that you can effectively use. Author says “on the to do list”
    It will be interesting to see if the client progresses to a viable program..

  101. I was a Thunderbird fan for many, many years. Then I unhappily put up with it for a further many years – always crashing, failing to respond. When I had to put my ISP on hold for a year and rely on someone else’s connection I used gmail. I also synced my accounts. I found gmail a real pain to use compared to Thunderbird however I had a lot of trouble with the accounts that were synced with Thunderbird. I had to remove all them all but was left with lots of problems. Uninstalled it, reinstalled it but the issues continued. I always found their support excellent as it is with Firefox, but their suggestions that the anti-virus scanning causes the programme freezes have not proven to be correct. I tried all their suggestions many, many times. I’ve finally become fed up with it and have uninstalled it.

    After upgrading to windows 10 on my PC, and prompted also with the purchase of a laptop with windows 8.1, I used the web based Outlook. I think it is fantastic. I have no problems with all the synced email accounts, the folders are neat and clear, and I love the way flagged emails are displayed at the top of the page for easy reference.
    There is just one con for me: images cannot be copied and pasted into emails. I stayed with Thunderbird longer than I wanted just because of this but not much point when TB rarely works.

  102. Since dropping Eudora in the ’90s, I have tried a few mail clients. The one that I used the longest was a Chinese client named Foxmail. For me, Foxmail has one valuable tool, the “Remote Mailbox Manager” that downloads just the mail headers list from the server. I can view the list and decide to download or delete each email while it’s still on the server. I use this feature a lot. I’d love to find in another program. Lacking this tool is a deal killer for me. Anyone know of a similar tool elsewhere? Foxmail’s latest release has some other issues that keep me from using it.

    1. You could try MailWasher. I use the paid version (not expensive) and I can see all of my emails from 8 accounts and decide whether to delete them or not. It identifies spam as well then links to your email client if you want it to.

  103. I think that SLACK is the best option out there to use for messaging and then Mailbird 🙂

    thanks also for the details but I keep using Mailbird and slack and maybe I will test out also EM Client

  104. At 18.03 mailbird updated with Google OAuth 2.0 support including 2-step authentication.

  105. I saw the same re: Thunderbird support diminishing; seems Mozilla org is branching away with two other options
    Mozilla org seems to be evolving to the following:
    Thundrbird/earlybird or Thunerbird/beta); system options for these may address your requirements; not presently in Thunderbird. Presently i use and love Thunderbird (XP DSKTOP), no problems; have new win 10 laptop, require a new email client prgm also; curious your thought on mozilla org two new email branches.
    systems and languages (under the respective green buttons). tks

  106. Mozilla seems quiet about this; only stumbled upon it by clicking on Thunderbird tab at the top right, then clicking on “releases”

  107. I needed a replacement for Outlook Express when I ugraded PC from XP to W8.1. Only one that filled the bill was OEClassic Pro. This allows me to have several email addresses (POP3) with only one Inbox.
    Would like message rules implementing sooner. Developer has been very helpful and responsive when I had technical issues after Dell did a ‘reset’ of Windows 8.1 and I lost some mail.

  108. Hi Matteo, has your stance on the privacy issues with Mailbird changed? Are those issues still valid today?

    1. It is better now, but I still see some issues. I will post about it soon.

  109. Hello Matteo,

    Are you planning a full update? If not, could you also add OE Classic to the queue? (And perhaps the Mozilla-based SeaMonkey suite?)

    On behalf of the many site visitors who never post comments, thank you for your efforts!



  110. I don’t see Forte Agent mentioned. I have a really old copy of it, but it’s still being developed and I am thinking about upgrading to version 8.0. The main thing I like about it is it has a competent search capability. What I find lacking in the old release that I have is real ease of filing e-mails into folders – you can set up favorites, but I really like the way SimplyFile works for Outlook, and have gotten so dependent on it for owrk over the last year that I wish I could find something similar for home that still has Agent’s search capability.

  111. Mailbird has been updated to version .

    Full changelog:
    New in version
    April 15th, 2016

    Added attachment preview image.
    Added option to disable or enable collapsing blockquote on reply.
    Improved auto-detection for server settings.
    Improved print feature.
    Fixed issue when the license is invalid or expired.
    Fixed issue where attachments embedded in TNEF couldn’t be downloaded when using IMAP.
    Fixed issue with inline attachments being shown incorrectly when composing.
    Fixed crash that occurs when trying to import from a non existing thunderbird profile folder.
    Fixed issue with embedded images of certain mime types like application/jpg not being shown embedded.
    Fixed crash opening some empty drafts.
    Fixed crash that occurs some time because draft is null because a race condition.
    Fixed mapi to use the sender name in case the address do not exists.
    Fixed issue with ‘Server authentication failed’ being sometimes shown incorrectly if using Google OAuth 2.0.
    Fixed left menu indentation issue.
    Fixed issue with attachments sometimes showing as being 0 or 1 byte files despite that not being the case.

  112. I’ve been drawn to your post as my Windows LiveMail has developed, over the last 3 – 5 months more and more bugs which seem uncurable. I was always happy with outlook express, and while LiveMail has improved some of its shortcomings, it’s always felt as if MS support and development of this client has been lukework – at best. Now they’ve apparently put the last nail in this coffin, i.e. livemail WON’T work with hotmail:
    As I use LiveMail for hotmail and several other accounts, I’m looking for a replacement. But, having plodded through all the posts, it seems there’s NOTHING coming close enough, even to this limping LiveMail I use today. I will try outlook express 6 and oe classic, but I don’t expect too much, really 🙁
    and no, upgrade to Windows 10 (with its built-in mail client) ain’t gonna happen on my family computers.

  113. I have Windows XP and I think that Netscape Messenger 9 is the best email client. Windows Live Mail and Sylpheed are also good.

  114. Thanks for this thread. I am a happy user of Live Mail for many years and am trying to get ready for the loss of hotmail support. Win7 It is my only Windoze machine. The rest are iOS.

    (Strange behavior for a software vendor!)

  115. Hi peeps, i tried a lot of mailsoftware (not all!) but Zimbra worked great (and it`s free!), you have to learn to work with it, thunderbird also good but doesn`t work still like it should. For my work related mail i use Outlook 2007 (on laptop) and outlook 2010 on desktop, 2010 works fine but still a bit of a puzzle, i like Outlook 2007 better (especially on import/export issues). Problem with outlook 2010 is synchronising with Iphone (nightmare).

  116. Give FossaMail a try – its the only one i can get the hang of using – I too am on the lookout for an outlook express alternative

  117. I’ve been installing eM-Client lately on new/reinstalls for people who don’t have Outlook, full-version. So far, the feedback has been great.

    Do you know if copying out the WLM folder from APPDATA would contain what is needed for eM-Client to “import” old folders, contacts, etc? So far, I’ve not had that happen, but curious if anyone has done this?

    One last thing: I don’t personally use a mail client at all, preferring to have Firefox reopen my last open tabs, which contain the tabs for my various email (Hotmail, Gmail, Yahoo, etc). Is there a downside to this? I’ve done it this way for years & never had any real issues. About the only thing I can see is that I have to copy/paste a mail link if I reply to someone in a website (as I have no default mail for it to call-up/launch in).


    From, another Linux (Mint Mate 64) user! 🙂

    1. there’s nothing wrong in using online clients. I simply don’t like to give everything away to Google or Yahoo. Also Yahoo has been acquired by Verizon. Do you really want to give your data to Verizon? And it isn’t even guaranteed that they will keep the service on.

  118. Since this thread is still active and it does have a lot of people suffering from the same problem… no decent clients left… just my two cents.

    Been using mail clients/servers since the end of the 80’s, just as background.

    Today, I cannot find a single client that does everything. My favourite remains, Pegasus, as it let’s me store away mail folders as plain text (kinda) so I can still read 90’s mails without messing around. A bit of uudecode at worst :). And still, the html mails are not always working well. Then again, I really like a mail client that does not allowe spam to be read automatically and blocks (search) images until approved etc.

    Hotfail worked somewhat even with the past years requirements… Office/Outlook with all the connectors worked until last year. Now I can’t get more than one account up. Thankfully Pegasus IMAP works against Hotfail these days but sending doesn’t go through Hotfail properly (or maybe it does, haven’t checked lately). Some sites require you to contact them from the same email as from where you registered…

    Other than that. Linux clients (some are good but none are great), WebFails (all are horrible, how can people live using Gmail only?)… I would not have much of a problem with all the web accounts if they would do (free) autoforwarding (with filters or keywords) and let my main client handle things.

    I guess I want what all people want. A simple client that stores all mails in a format readable after 50+ years. From ALL accounts possible.

  119. Love this thoughtful and well written post. As a gmail user primarily on windows, (yeah, I know) I was looking for a new UI that aggregated functions more akin to Outlook.

    I am very interested in security now, and wonder if you have written a primer or know of one written in your style for those of us who are concerned but not knowledgeable?

    Anyway, thank you for the work you put into this.

  120. I find that Thunderbird does not always play well with Windows 10. It has a habit of totally deleting my inbox every month or so, often right before my eyes, on this PC and one laptop. Works fine on my wife’s PC. And always works well on Windows 7 and all previous OS’s.
    I have wiped out every crumb of Thunderbird about 6 times now and reinstalled [registry included] and still had the same problem. Thunderbird suggestions were no help either.
    FFWD to now. I installed OE Classic and it appears to the permanent answer to my problem. I am VERY pleased. No more holding my breath every time I open my inbox waiting for it to disappear.
    Thank you OE Classic!

  121. I have been using the free version of Essential PIM by Astonsoft. As the acronym shows it is a complete personal information manager including calendar, password manager, to-do’s etc. I came across it when I was hunting a replacement for Lotus Organizer on whom be peace. The ePIM email section is fairly basic ( and consequently easy to use) but it integrates well with the contacts section. The facility for creating groups is only in the premium pro version ( $39.95). The really neat bit is that all the data is held in a file which is not only portable but can be passworded. I can keep that file on a USB memory stick and use it on more than one PC as long I can access another copy of ePIM.

    1. Jerry – I too am trying EPIM. It looks ok and seems reliable. From what I’ve seen it just works. The main screen is kind of clunky but works. It has some nice features including the password keeper. One of my main concerns is that it is a product out of Lithuania and I have concerns about my data. Not that Lithuanians are bad, but they were under the curtain for a long time.

      If anyone knows about this mail-client, I would like to hear it. Especially matteo. Thanks

  122. OMG is Mailbird the WORST program ever.
    You CAN’T export youe own emails? o yes you can import them and then think oh this is all nice but hmm I am not happy about the privacy issues let me get to oooh what NO EXPORT function???
    So all my emails are stuck inside of Mailbird now, They have effectivily taken me hostage to their software. I am bewildered by it and how they can justify this.

    1. Try this:

      Make a folder on your desktop, “My Emails”. Open Mailbird>open inbox (or whichever)>select all messages>drag them to the folder on the desktop you made.

      I don’t use MB, but this works in many email programs.


  123. @Matteo

    I’m looking for a good, free, & simple email program for the seniors/pensioners I service.

    On my end, I’d appreciate it if it did a good job of setting up–> I hate not being able to get the server/port/security right to get connected in the first place! Here, in AU, we have a lot of small ISP’s & it’s not always straight-forward to get the info I need.

    Lastly– I see WLM being suggested, but I thought that Microsoft was going to be “pulling the plug” on it shortly? No?

    Out of everything I see here & elsewhere, it’s WLM or OE Classic. Given the above, which would you suggest for a non-MS email account?

    Omg– email is the ONE thing that EVERYONE uses their computer for & it’s in the WORST shape ever! Bleh.

    1. yeah Microsoft is pushing for the Outlook online service for personal use. It is not bad, to be honest, but still a “cloud” solution.

    1. The Bat! suffer from no tooltip mechanism, You know, a balloon with full text when You point a field with text, which normally doesn’t fit in the column on screen. When I bought The Bat! the tooltip mechanism worked but not very well. It looked like RitLabs worked very hard to create something from scratch when this feature was/still is in standard windows api. Shortly after i requested fix for tooltips they dropped this function entirely and didn’t give anything as exchange. For me, no tooltip is a serious flaw. It was in 6 version, maybe something has changed now but i doubt. The rest is OK, but The Bat! can’t be a straight OE replacement. I will try OE Classic, I am preparing desktop for a friend who is not good into computers things and doesn’t like too much changes :). The Bat! is definietly not for him.

  124. I used Outlook Express from around 1998 until Thunderbird came along 2004. When I found MailStore Home I began archiving email and as a result I have email history all the way back to 1998. The only hiccups have been when I’ve upgraded a PC or hard drive or gone overseas – but never lost more than a few days of email. I’ve never had a T-bird problem that couldn’t be fixed by browsing the support pages. My recommendation is to find a product that works for you and stay with it!

  125. A pitty the margins formatting was not kept, here’s a more readable version:

    • Email clients
    • search 4-2017
    • conclusion
    ○ It seems everyone switched to webmail (especially in the US I must say) and social apps (facebook/whatsapp/etc). the interest around mail clients is very little nowadays and I don’t see a real investment in this field. To that add that working with mail servers is a real MESS and the recipe for a disaster is served.
    My conclusion for now:
    Webmails for the accounts that have them.
    EM Client for the other accounts, with limited volumes…
    at the end I installed linux and I’m enjoying KMail that is way better than any other windows email clients.

    • / Inky

    Except INKY stores the email’s master password at their local servers.
    Why they would do that baffles me, but I don’t trust a company that says “you have nothing to worry, our word is more than enough and we promisse not to tamper with your file, besides it’s encrypted, so we can’t do nothing with it”.

    Except…NOT. You can!

    • mailbird

    ○ privacy issues: they used to store our info – still now?
    ○ I just tried MailBird — although less than ideal, the privacy issues aren’t a deal-breaker for me
    ○ yes, the best would be to redirect those calls to localhost in your hosts file. But that’s not the problem. It shows a very bad attitude of the company regarding privacy and security. I do not trust them.
    ○ privacy
    § Data has been encrypted ONLY from v2.0. Meaning one week ago after like 3 years of unencrypted data sent all over the web. If it weren’t for me nagging MailBird about it, probably they would still sending your email address in clear.
    § what do they see?
    □ just the email address (and your name), not the actual emails.
    ○ mailbird post
    We completely understand your concerns and that’s why I want to share our blogpost on how we handle user information.
    § matteo:
    □ I agree their PR is great and I appreciate their entrepreneurship. The problem is that their product is mostly smoke in the eyes.
    ○ Seems like in the latest Mailbird version you can opt out sharing performance and usage data. Under Settings -> Advanced.
    § matteo= It was about time. I haven’t checked yet, but I don’t like the way the company handled the situation, so I’m not going to use the client anyway. Basically they didn’t give a damn until my post reached the top of google search results. They ultimately did the right thing, so I guess it’s okay…

    • outlook

    ○ everybody knows Outlook 🙂 and honestly I don’t believe 1) it is needed by the not-corporate-user 2) worth the price.
    ○ I use an older version of Microsoft Outlook because the newer versions seem to add and change features with no logic.

    • the bat

    ○ I use The Bat! the last 12 years. It has a powerful filter making it easy to find message 8 years ago, it’s extremely light and focus on security as already mentioned.
    ○ I have been using TheBat! since 2003, and am very satisfied. There is now a 64-bit version, which is great. I am a very satisfied user, and the amount of support RitLabs has given me via both the forum and email has been terrific and prompt.
    ○ THE BAT! froze every time I tried to open it;
    ○ Apparently RItLabs’ way of dealing with difficult questions is to close a customer’s support account.
    § NO not true anymore, he posted sth saying he misunderstood that
    ○ comment
    I use The Bat have come to it when Pocomail died. It is a tricky program to learn but is powerful. From my point of view, apart from the security, it is straightforward to construct a business template that replicates the paper version. I keep this on a POP connection checking regularly.

    I see that some have difficulty with T Bat, but there is a very help group at
    Usually get a quick reply and they keep on till the problem is sorted.
    ○ special rules feature
    What I would like is for a filter to alert me with a pop-up (or some meaningful warning) when a specific filter gets triggered.
    eg. I am happy for all my newsletters/family emails/whatever to get filtered into their folders unattended – but if I get (for example) an email from my accountant, I’d like to know about it with a popup that I have to acknowledge.
    In a nutshell, I’m looking for a filter to be able to also optionally trigger an action (pop up a windows, run a command, etc)
    § Oh I see! That would be actually a very nice feature! 🙂 I’m not aware of any client that can do that
    § I’m using the Bat! 6.0 and it seems that The Bat! has this feature.
    □ In Preferences/Message List/Mail Ticker there is a button Folders. From there it is possible to select which folders activate Mail Ticker.
    ○ TheBat! would work but it is a bit fiddly to get it set up and is fairly expensive in the world of email clients.

    • !! em client
    ○ I used to have EM Client but the spam issue is what made me leave
    ○ EM CLIENT lets compromising spam in

    • EmailTray

    ○ EmailTray will not let you remove their link from your signature unless you pay an annual fee.

    • Foxmail

    ○ seems promising
    ○ foxmail is not clearly meant for the western market. Also it sends statistical usage.

    • oeclassic

    ○ there seems no IMAP support at present
    ○ Matteo= I’ll definitely give OE Classic a shot.
    ○ I had a quick look at it, but it doesn’t support imap on standard providers like gmail or outlook. I’ll add it to the list, but the review can’t be utterly positive.

    • vivaldi

    ○ the guys from Vivaldi are working on a mail client too… crossing fingers!

    • everdesk

    ○ matteo: I tried Everdesk, I don’t know if it’s because of Windows 8, but the application is sluggish and distressingly slow.

    • antivirus client

    ○ matteo: kaspersky is said to be very good and relatively light
    ○ nothing to do with the thread but still useful

    • pegasus

    Just curious if you tried Pegasus Mail ( I’ve been using it for 20 years and have been quite happy, but recently struggling with some glitches and hence trying out other software. Some key points which I have found quite useful:
    – can colour individual mail and change Subject and From fields, as this has helped me manage my affairs mostly from my inbox alone
    – great filtering, with complex scripts for autoresponses and so forth
    – very light

  126. Mailbird is a piece of junk! Falls over hard when it comes to managing IMAP. Not to mention there is no export feature. So if you have any issues, you are stuck with a completely useless interface. Lessons learned the hard way for me, but please, with promises since 2013 for export, they either have no idea or they are just snakes. Personally, after reading the review of this app above, I tend to think they are both.

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